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Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy is a scary song by Aphex Twin. The music video was directed by Chris Cunningham. In six minutes of video and music, it really manages to be unsettling and a little terrifying. It starts with ambient tones as an old woman walks her dog through a dismal urban landscape, piled with garbage and broken televisions. Something dark and menacing is lurking in a doorway. The dog senses something and starts barking while one of the televisions bursts into life and a blue, distorted face howls, “I want your soul! I will eat your soul!” This is followed by a bunch of creepy, ugly children running around while a horrific screaming demon that emerges from a TV. Scared yet?

Aphex Twin and Chris Cunningham also collaborated on two more creepy videos – Windowlicker and Rubber Johnny.

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  • my dad said this is real but i told him that it’s not. he said “for real” and i said “yeah for real”. but he ignored me. now he’s ignoring me right now. please tell me tell me tell me that why is the guy that’s in the tv saying i want your soul but he came out of the tv by the grandma. he looked like a big glob. this was a very weird video. %

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