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Clown Mask

The Clown Mask is a creepy short story about a group of boys who are cleaning an old warehouse when they come across something strange hidden in an old wooden box.

Clown Mask

Three teenage boys were looking for a summer job. They were hired by a company and given the task of cleaning out an old warehouse. While they were working, one of the boys found an old, red wooden box among the piles of rubbish. The teenagers gathered around the box, curious to see what was inside. When they opened it, they were disappointed. All they found inside the box was a clown mask. It was a grotesque mask with narrow, beady eyes, a bulbous red nose and a large, crooked mouth.

One of the boys picked up the mask and put it on. He immediately began to laugh and jump up and down. The other two boys chuckled at the display and clapped their hands. They watched as he danced around the warehouse, flailing his arms around like a crazy person. His laughter echoed around the old, stone walls of the warehouse. He danced faster and faster and finally the two boys didn’t find it so funny anymore.

The masked boy was jerking and twisting his body into absurd shapes. His friends began to get worried that there was something wrong with him. He kept falling over and banging his head against the ground, whereupon he would immediately spring to his feet and resume the crazy dance. The boy was clawing at the mask and laughing like a madman. It looked like he was having some kind of seizure. His friends ran after him and when they grabbed him, he fell to the floor and stopped moving.

They ripped off the mask and when they saw his face, they were horrified. The boy’s face was twisted in an expression of terrible pain. Blood was flowing from his eyes, nose and mouth. They immediately called an ambulance, but by the time it arrived, it was too late. The boy had died from his injuries.

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