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Click Clack

Click Clack

Click Clack Slide is a scary urban legend about the ghost of a woman whose legs were cut off in a fatal car accident. It is also known as “Click Click Drag”, “Click Click Slide” and “Chick Chick Boom”.

Click Clack Slide

One day, a mother took her son and daughter shopping at the local mall. On their way home, they had to drive cross the railroad tracks. While they were crossing the railroad tracks, the car got stuck and suddenly, they saw a train coming in the distance. The mother started freaking out and was still struggling to get off the tracks, when the train ploughed straight into her car.

Police were searching through the wreckage and found the dead bodies of the two children. They also came across the severed legs of an adult woman, but the mother’s top half was never found.

Shortly afterwards, a series of horrible murders occurred in the small town. All of the victims were children. In the schoolyards, rumors began to spread among the kids about a monster they called “Click Clack”. They said it was the ghost of a woman who had no legs. According to the story, she had really long fingernails amd used them to drag herself around. Her name came from the click-clack sound her nails made as she was chasing you.

The children warned each other to stay indoors after dark. According to the legend, Click Clack would stalk the streets after 6:00 PM, looking for children to kill. When she caught them, she would tear them in half. Soon, every child in town knew the legend of Click Clack and made sure to lock all the doors and windows in their houses in the evening.

One day, a girl was playing in the backyard, when her mother came out and told her to go to the shop and buy 3 bottles of milk. The girl went on the errand and carefully planned to get back home before 6 PM because she had heard that was the time when Click Clack came out. When she reached the local shop, the girl discovered that they were out of milk. She had to go to several shops before she could find three bottles of milk to buy.

On the way home, the girl looked at her watch. The time was 5:52 PM. She looked around and saw parents hurriedly calling their children indoors and nervously locking their windows and front doors. She started running and had almost reached her street, when she heard a strange noise.

Click Clack Slide, Click Click Drag, Click Clack Slide.

She turned around, but the street was empty. She increased her pace, but the strange noise seemed to follow her.

Click Clack Drag, Click Click Slide, Click Clack Drag.

She ran as fast as she could until she finally reached her house. She started pounding on the front door.

The girl’s mom had fallen asleep and the door was locked and the curtains were closed. All of a sudden, the pounding stopped.

A few minutes later, the mother woke up and went to the front door. When she opened it, she looked down and screamed at the sight. Written in the doorstep in blood were the words, “Mom, why didn’t you open the door?”

The girl was never seen again.

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  • When i first saw the pic i was like “oh god”. That ugly chick is creep as hell. by the way, WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP WHEN YOUR CHILD IS OUTSIDE WHEN ITS ABOUT 6? SHOULD YOU BE GOING OUTSIDE LOOKING FOR HER?

  • This is so scary! I like this version better. And why would the mum fall asleep when her daughter isn’t back?


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