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Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Drury Mansion in Cleveland, Ohio has a host of supernatural activity occurring inside its doors and an odd history of hauntings.

Cleveland Ohio

A millionaire living in Cleveland Ohio built the mansion in 1912. The house was a strange and ominous structure from the very beginning with a wide center staircase, carved woodwork and twisting corridors that opened into oddly placed rooms. There was even a secret tunnel running under the building to a theater across the street.

In 1972, it was leased to the Ohio Adult Parole Authority and became a halfway house for paroled convicts. But the prisoners began to report strange activity that they couldn’t explain. They claimed to feel someone staring at them even though they were alone in the room. The doors and windows at the house often opened and closed on their own.

The staff said they heard groaning sounds and footsteps that echoed in empty hallways. Due to the strange reports, two police officers were assigned to guard the mansion overnight. They said they spent the night back to back, clutching their shotguns and shaking in fear at the sounds they heard.

That night, a prisoner said he woke in the middle of the night, and his room seemed to be on fire. He heard the voice of a young woman speaking softly. Then the voice slowly began to grow louder and louder, until it turned into a high-pitched scream. When the prisoner couldn’t take it anymore, the scream suddenly stopped and the room returned to a normal temperature.

Other inmates said they saw the apparition of a ghostly young woman. They described her as having long, jet black hair, pale skin, and a hospital bracelet on one hand. She appeared for a few seconds and suddenly disappeared in a burst of flames.

Nobody knows for sure how the mansion came to be haunted, but there is a hospital on the same road in Cleveland Ohio, that caught fire back 1929. Over 100 people died in the fire, and some locals claim that the ghost who haunts the old mansion was killed in that fire.

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