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Clean Kill

Clean Kill

Clean Kill is a scary horror story about a young woman who encounters a strange man in the woods. It was inspired by a an old horror comic called Tales of Terror.

Clean Kill

It was a cold and windy night. Karen Ledger was standing on the dock, clutching her suitcase and waiting anxiously for a boat to arrive. It was dark and she glanced around nervously. She had the strangest feeling that someone was watching her.

All of a sudden, she heard a rustling noise in the bushes behind her. When she whirled around, she was shocked to see a man standing there. He was dressed in ragged clothing and he was clutching an axe in his hands.

“Who… Who are you?” she cried.

“That don’t matter,” the man replied with a smile. “You look good… Real good… I bet you taste good too…”

Karen let out a horrified scream as the man raised the axe above his head. He brought it crashing down with a loud Thunk! The razor-sharp blade embedded itself in her skull, killing her instantly.

The man was pleased. It was a clean kill. Quickly, he grabbed her by the legs and dragged her body into the bushes. He carried her through the trees and back to his cabin, set back in a remote part of the forest.

He dumped her in the bathtub, pulled off her clothes, then went out to the shed to fetch his chainsaw. It was messy work, but after a few minutes, he had chopped her body into pieces.

The man roasted the legs in the oven and made a soup from eyeballs and severed fingers. Then, he sat at the table and gobbled down as much as he could eat, savoring the taste of human flesh.

Later that night, while he was going through her coat pockets, he found a letter. As soon as he read it, his eyes grew wide and his face went pale.

“Dear Ms. Ledger,

Your test results came back. We regret to inform you that you have Leprosy and it is contagious. We have arranged for you to be treated at a special isolation clinic. It is located on a remote island off the coast. A boat will meet you at the dock on Friday night at 11PM. Please make sure you are there…”

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