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Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is a scary children’s story about three boys who investigate a haunted house and find a strange ring. A Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish piece of jewelery with a unique design that symbolizes two people being joined together forever by their love.

Claddagh Ring

There were three boys who lived near the city of Galway in Ireland. They had been close friends ever since they were children and had grown up together on the same street. Their names were Sean, Patrick and Ronan.

One day, while roaming through the fields near their homes, the boys came across a deserted stone house. Their friends told them that it was rumored to be a haunted house and many kids in the neighborhood visited the place at night, as a test of courage.

Of course, the boys could never resist a challenge, so one night, they decided it might be fun to take a trip out to the old house. One of them had an i-Phone and had the bright idea to record a video of their adventure.

As they entered the abandoned building, the boys could hear the wind whistling through the open windows. The crumbling ruin looked oddly eerie in the moonlight.

“Hear that?” laughed Ronan. “It’s the ghost saying GET OUT, GET OUT!”

“No wonder people are scared to come here,” said Sean. “The place is a dump!”

The friends moved through the interior of the house, taking care not to slip on the muddy floor.

“Look at that,” said Patrick, scanning the ground with his phone. “There’s something glittering over here. It’s a ring.”

Patrick bent down and picked up the mud-encrusted ring. The design was very strange. It showed two hands holding a heart. On top of the heart was a small crown. It looked very valuable.

“I’ve seen one of these before,” said Sean. “It’s a Claddagh Ring.”

Delighted with their find, the boys decided to leave the abandoned building and return home. They hadn’t experienced any ghostly apparitions anyway.

As they left, Ronan turned and shouted, “Hey, Ghost! We’ve got your ring! What’re you gonna do about it?”

The boys walked away laughing amongst themselves.

Back in Ronan’s house, the boys sat around in the living room and talked about what to do with the Claddagh ring.

“Tomorrow, we should go into town and sell it at a jewelers”, suggested Sean.

“We can watch the video now,” said Patrick as he connected his i-Phone to the TV.

He pressed the play button and the screen showed Ronan and Sean walking into the deserted house as the wind whistled loudly.

“Hear that? It’s the ghost saying GET OUT GET OUT!”

A few seconds later, they heard a deep, malevolent voice say:

“…get out…”

The boys froze, their eyes glued to the screen.

“Maybe it was just the wind,” whispered Patrick.

The video continued to play.

“No wonder people are scared to come here. The place is a dump!”

“…leave this place…”

The three boy were trembling. They knew it wasn’t just the wind. They could hear the disembodied voice clearly.

On the video, Patrick was examing the floor of the house.

“Look at that. There’s something glittering over here. It’s a ring.”

“…don’t touch it…”

“I’ve seen one of these before. It’s a Claddagh Ring.”

“…put it back…”

“Hey, Ghost! We’ve got your ring! What’re you gonna do about it?”

“…I will kill you…”

The boys stared at each other in disbelief.

“T-t-this is a joke, right?” stammered Ronan. “I-I-I mean, that’s you guys doing the voice, right?”

Suddenly, Patrick’s i-Phone began to ring. He picked it up, staring intently at the other two boys. Then he pressed the Call Answer button and placed the phone against his ear.

“Hello?” he said cautiously.

There was a long silence at the end of the line. Then a voice screamed:


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