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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was the most famous silent film star of all time and in his youth, he was associated with a haunted house and a very perplexing and inexplicable unsolved mystery.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was very successful in the movie business and owned several houses on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. He often rented them out as holiday homes for rich people. At the height of his career, he filmed several movies on or near the boardwalk. One of these homes, Building number 26 on Westminster, is said to be haunted.

In 1915, during the filming of “By the Sea” Charlie Chaplin`s stunt double mysteriously disappeared from the film set. Production was put on hold for three days and as they searched for the missing man.

After finding no trace of him, it was assumed that the long time friend of Chaplin`s must have quit and left on his on recognizance. The studios that were financially backing the film, were losing money. Under haste, Chaplin was forced to replace his stunt double and continue production of the film.

Seven days after the mysterious disappearance, Charlie Chaplin was returning to his dressing room after a day of shooting. His dressing room was located in the basement of Building number 26 on Westminster.

While accompanied by his entourage, he entered the dressing room and discovered his stunt double and long time friend lying dead on the floor. The corpse was soaking wet and covered in seaweed. The man was bound hand and foot and was in the process of decomposing. He appeared to have been dead for several days.

Nobody could explain how he had gone missing, where he had been for that entire week and how he could have ended up on the floor of Charlie Chaplin`s dressing room. To this day, it is an unsolved mystery.

Today, people who live in the building say that whenever they pass by Charlie Chaplin’s old basement dressing room, they can hear strange sounds coming from within. Sometimes it is cries for help that gradually become fainter and fainter. At other times, it is the splashing of water, as if someone is desperately trying to stay afloat and keep from drowning.

There have been several sightings of the ghostly figure a man standing in the corridors, his hands and feet bound with ropes. The most unsettling detail of all these sightings is what the ghostly figure is seen wearing. He is dressed in a black coat, a bowler hat and has a small black moustache.

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