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Cell Phone

Cell Phone

The Cell Phone is a short, scary horror story about a woman who notices something disturbing on her mobile after she allows her young son to play with it.

There was a woman who had a six-year old son. One day, she bought a new mobile phone. When she came home from work, she started cooking dinner and left her phone down on the kitchen table.

Her son came into the kitchen and saw the phone. He asked his mother if he could play with it. She told him that he could, as long as he did not call anyone or delete any text messages. Of course, the boy agreed and went off to his bedroom to play with the phone.

Around 10PM that night, she went upstairs to tuck in her son and found him fast asleep on his bed. The new cell phone was lying on the ground beside the bed. She picked it up and began browsing though the settings to make sure he had not deleted anything. She noticed some minor changes. He had changed the theme, the background and had given her a new ringtone.

She noticed that he had taken some pictures with the cell phone. She opened the images folder and browsed through them. “How cute,” she thought. He had been taking pictures of himself.

Then she came across the last photo in the folder. When she first saw it, she couldn’t quite believe it. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? It was a photograph of her son, lying asleep on her bed. But the disturbing thing was what was lurking in the far left corner of the picture.

Cell Phone

It seemed to show the left side of a creepy old woman’s face.

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