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Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie in Ireland is home to the ghost of Norman Leslie, the current owner’s uncle. He has been seen by guests and family members alike, so stay in his room – if you dare.

Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie, located on 1000 acres of meticulously kept grounds in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland has been home to the Leslie family for over 300 years. What was once Glaslough Castle was originally deeded to the Leslie family in 1665.

Numerous visitors from the other side are known to reside here. Among the otherworldly figures known to pop up frequently are deceased members of the Leslie clan. Perhaps the most famous story is that of “Norman’s Room”, named for the spirit that reputedly haunts it – Norman Leslie.

Norman was destined to inherit the castle but died prematurely while charging a German machine gun nest armed only with a sword.

Apparently his mother Lady Marjorie was sleeping in this room one night and awoke to see his ghost standing near the foot of her bed apparently looking through some letters. After a while this apparition of her dead son turned to her, smiled and then faded away.

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