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Carroll College

Carroll College

Carroll College in Helena, Montana has a spooky urban legend about a bleeding sink and the ghost of a student who haunts a bathroom.

Carroll College

In the early 1960s there was a student in Carroll College who lived in a dorm on the 4th floor of St. Charles Hall. His friends said he was well-liked and fun-loving. One night, he returned to his dorm after a party. He had too much to drink and when he went to the bathroom, he slipped and hit his head on the sink. The blow caused a severe cerebral hemorrhage and he bled to death.

After he died, the other students in the dorm would often hear knocking at their doors. When they opened the door there was never anyone there. At night, they would hear screaming and thumping sounds coming from the bathroom. Some students saw bloodstains on the sink and when they tried to wash them off, they would always appear in the exact same spot.

As time went by, the strange occurances in the bathroom became more frequent. Some students saw blood running from the faucet. Others noticed a large bloody stain on the floor that couldn’t be removed. Even more heard heavy breathing coming from the bathroom at night, even though it was empty.

One night, a student was standing at the sink, washing her face and brushing her teeth. She happened to glance into the mirror and saw something that terrified her. Standing behind her, peering over her shoulder was the ghostly figure of a young man. His face was covered in blood.

The girl ran out of the bathroom and refused to go back to the dorm again. After numerous complaints, the head of the college decided to have the bathroom blocked off. After that, there were no more reports of ghostly activity in Carroll College.

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  • OMG SFK you’re back!!! It’s been so long! The last time I saw you update was last year, the last post was just Halloween Stories. It’s been so long, and you’ve made so many new stories now! Yay! Keep posting, and I’ll check back more often now :)

  • Cool and creepy… but it was an accident, then why the boy haunt the bathroom??

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