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Careful With That Axe Eugene

Careful With That Axe Eugene

Careful with That Axe, Eugene is a delightfully creepy song by Pink Floyd. The music gradually becomes much louder and more intense until Roger Waters whispers the song’s only lyrics, “Careful with that axe, Eugene” followed by a terrifying, blood-curdling scream. Although there is no particular backstory, the mood of the music is dark and chilling and it seems to be about a horrific axe murder.

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  • Oh! First comment here, all right, then.
    I’m scared to listen to “Breathing Water” and “Gloomy Sunday”. I am familiar to Pink Floyd, so I’ll listen to this one, I guess.
    Really, it seems like I’m commenting to myself because no one else wrote anything. Do you people just not like the 70s? (That was a joke, btw)

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