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Cabins For Rent

Cabins For Rent

Cabins For Rent is a spooky story about a group of friends who go camping for the weekend in the mountains and experience a strange and inexplicable event.

Cabins For Rent

I went camping for the weekend with five of my friends and the campsite we were staying at had cabins that you could rent. Each cabin could sleep six people. There were six cabins altogether and they were all lined up in a neat row. The cabin we were sleeping in was the sixth one and it was at the very end of the row.

During the night, I had to pee, so I went out of the tent and walked to the bathroom in the dark. When I came back, I opened the door of our cabin and was shocked to see that only one of the beds was occupied.

“Where are the rest of my friends”, I thought. “And what happened to all our luggage?”

The cabin was empty except for that one bed. I went out again to make sure I was in the right cabin, but when I looked at the sign on the door, it read “Cabin No.7.”

Laughing at my mistake, I went back to Cabin No.6. Inside I found my friends, sleeping soundly. I got back into bed quietly, trying not to wake my friends, and was drifting off to sleep when something struck me. There were only six cabins.

I leaped out of bed and ran outside. Our cabin was the last one in the row. Cabin No.7 and whoever had been sleeping in it, had simply vanished into thin air.

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  • Wow, I just realized that he was in the SIXTH cabin, there were SIX cabins in total ( not including the ghostly one ), and each cabin would hold SIX people. Anyone see where I’m going XD. 😨 But gr8 story btw. 👍😄

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