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Button Button

Button Button

Button Button is a scary story about a husband and wife who are offered the chance to win a million dollars. All they have to do is press the button on a mysterious box. This story is based on an old episode of The Twilight Zone.

Button Button

A husband and wife were at home one evening when they heard a knock on the door. When they went to answer it, there was a strange gentleman standing on the doorstep. He was dressed in an expensive black suit and he was holding a large briefcase.

“I wonder if I might have a few moments of your time?” he said.

Assuming he was a travelling salesman they invited him in.

The gentleman placed his briefcase down on the kitchen table and took something out. It was a box with a single red button on the top. He handed the box to the husband and wife.

“Today is your luck day,” he said in a calm tone. “You have an opportunity to become rich beyond your wildest imagination.
“If you press this button, you will receive $1 million dollars in cash. There is just one catch. Someone you don’t know will die.”

Saying that, the gentleman opened his briefcase and showed them the stacks of money inside.

The gentleman told them he would return the next day to collect the box.

After he left, the husband and wife discussed the box. They argued for hours. Eventually, they decided to press the button.

Nothing happened.

The next day, the gentleman came back. He took the box and in exchange, he gave them $1,000,000.

As he was about to leave, the husband asked, “Did someone really die?”

“Of course,” the gentleman replied. “It happened last night. In a distant place. Someone you don’t know died.”

The husband felt guilty. His conscience was eating at him.

“One more question,” he said.

“Yes, what do you want to know?” said the gentleman.

“What are you going to do with the box now?”

The gentleman smiled and said, “I’m going to give it to someone who doesn’t know you.”

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  • Nice story SFK! so i’m pretty sure its just an endless cycle of getting money, and then you die. i wouldn’t press the button. Man: All you have to do is press that button. Me: I’m not pressing a big red button, who do you think I am, Simon Cowell?

  • This story is in the book THE BOX: UNCANNY STORIES and it’s by Richard matheson. It’s much better in the book because in the book the husband wanted nothing to do with it but the wife wanted to press the button, so she did….and guess who died? The husband! And you know why? It’s because you never really, truly know someone haha. I don’t think the price was as high…but hey…she got what she wanted…and you kinda figured the husband was gonna be the one to die anyways. she shouldve listened to her husband…usually it seems to be the other way around haha. Hey sfk you should really put that version on here….trust me it’s much better.

  • The last line was the best… So he took the money, killed people and then re-took the money to kill someone else… Creative murderer

  • Haven’t watched the twilight zone in forever…or tales from the dark side.

  • Will that mean that if I die some day, someone might have pressed the button ? Just joking. : P

  • That only grin/smile I can think of at this point, is the ear to ear grin from the story “Evil Grin”… The image is burned my memory.. #scarredforlife

  • This story is written by Richard Matheson. Then in 1986, the Twilight Zone did an episode of it. And recently in 2009, Richard Kelly made a movie “The Box” staring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden

  • I like the story…I think I read a story like this on this website. 6 out of ten red buttons. Buts it still a good story! :)

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