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Butcher Shop

Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop is a scary tale about a young woman who does a favor for a blind man and almost gets more than she bargained for in return.

Butcher Shop

A young woman was walking down the street, when she saw an old blind man coming towards her. He was stooped over and wore dark glasses and a cane. He seemed to be having trouble walking and when he was passing by her, he almost fell over.

She grabbed his arm and steadied him and he thanked her for her kindness. Then he asked the young woman if she could do a favor for him.

“Could you please deliver this letter for me” the blind man said. “I’m old and disabled and I have a terrible time finding my way around the city.”

Being a nice person, the girl agreed to help him and he handed her a letter with an address scrawled on the front. As the young woman turned to walk away, she happened to glance back and saw the blind man walking down the street quite quickly, with his cane tucked under his arm. Then, to her surprise, the blind man took off his dark glasses and casually tossed them into a garbage can.

Suspicious, the woman took the envelope to a nearby police station. The police went to the address on the letter, which turned out to be a butcher shop owned by an old couple. All seemed perfectly ordinary until the police asked the old couple to open the large refrigerator in the back of the shop. The old couple refused so the police had to break it open themselves.

Inside, they were confronted by a horrible scene. There were dead bodies strung up on meat hooks and shelves stacked high with chunks of human flesh.

Until now, the police had overlooked the letter which the mysterious blind man had given the woman. When they opened the envelope, a piece of paper inside contained one chilling line:

“This is the last one I’m sending you today”.

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