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Broken Finger

Broken Finger

Broken Finger is a scary story for kids about a horrible gigantic witch with a razor sharp fingertip who preys on the people who live in a small village in the woods. It is based on a Native American folktale called “Spearfinger”.

Broken Finger

Long ago, in the woods, there was a witch named Broken Finger. All of the people in the area lived in fear of this evil witch. She was 40 feet tall and had grey skin as rough and tough as a rock, that no weapon could penetrate. She had one long razor-sharp finger that she used to kill people who strayed into her domain.

The villagers were sick and tired of finding their husbands, wives and children dead in the forest. They knew that these people had fallen victim to the dreaded Broken Finger. She would sneak up behind an unsuspecting villager who was innocently wandering in the woods. Then, she would stab her finger through their back and yank out their liver, swallowing it in one big gulp.

More than anything, she loved to taste the flesh of young children. Many families had been left childless because the witch had murdered and eaten their beloved sons and daughters. Broken Finger could transform herself in to anything or anyone. You never knew if your friend or neighbor was really Broken Finger in disguise until it was too late.

One evening, a messenger alerted the villagers, telling them that Broken Finger was in the area and seemed to be heading straight for their village. They developed a plan to destroy the fearful witch once and for all. They dug a huge pit, surrounding the village, and covered it with branches and leaves. They hoped that the witch would fall into the pit, whereupon they could stab her through the heart with long spears and kill her.

The whole village came together, in order to put this plan in to action. One little boy had trouble pulling his weight. His clumsiness made it difficult for him to dig and his father told him to get out of the way. Feeling sorry for himself, he noticed a bird caught in a honeysuckle tree. In an act of kindness, he gently freed the bird, but it didn’t fly away.

Instead, it landed on the boys shoulder. The bird thanked him for his kindness and in return, told him a secret about Broken Finger. It told him that the villagers’ plan was doomed to failure because the witch’s heart was not located in her chest at all. It was in the tip of her razor-sharp finger.

The little boy was so excited by this revelation that he ran off to tell his parents. He would be the one to save the entire village from the wrath of Broken Finger. But before he could tell anyone about the witch’s heart, he heard a horrible scream coming from the forest.

Broken Finger was coming fast, gnashing her teeth and chopping down trees with her razor-sharp finger. Her eyes were wild with anger and she was very hungry. As she approached the village, she walked right into the villagers’ trap and fell into the concealed pit.

The villagers rejoiced and threw rocks at her. They brought out their long spears and began stabbing her in the chest, trying to pierce her heart, but to no avail. The witch would not die. She kept climbing up to the top of the pit and slashing at the men with her finger.

Archers came out and fired arrows into her chest with their bows and arrows, but they still couldn’t hurt her. Remembering what the bird had told him, the little boy ran to one of the archers. He told him to aim straight at the tip of her finger. The archer raised his bow and arrow, aiming at the razor sharp fingertip and let his arrow fly. It soared through the air and sliced right through the witch’s fingertip, tearing into her heart.

With a horrible scream, she collapsed and died in the pit. The people of the village celebrated her demise with singing and dancing. They raised the little boy and carried him on their shoulder’s treating him like a hero.

From that day on, all the people in that village made sure to listen when the little boy had something to say.

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