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Breathing Water

Breathing Water

Breathing Water is a scary song by a band called Inhale. They say that if you put this song on and listen to it while you are going to sleep, it will give you horrible nightmares. It is dark ambient music with the strange voice of a woman describing a horrible nightmare.

Okay, here’s the story behind this song: I stumbled across it quite by accident and listened to it only once. It weirded me out so much that I never dared to listen to it again. Then, I started having nightmares about it.

Of course, I dreamed that I was drowning and I can’t properly describe how truly real it was, or how horrible it felt. I just remember looking up into the dark blue, and feeling myself get so cold, and then numb, and then so warm, and all the time I was praying inside my head, but my thoughts were irrational, crazy, disconnected… I actually woke up in shock from the dream, it was so real.

I’ve had nightmares before, but the ones I had after falling asleep to this song just take the cake. For the first time in years, I woke up sobbing uncontrollably.

So I’m spreading this around to see how many other people have the same experience. It’s like the video in The Ring movie. If you listen to it, you’ll have the dream and in the dream you’ll die and it will feel just like you are dying in real life and you’ll wake up sobbing… sobbing uncontrollably because you’re dead.

Don’t listen to this song. Even if you don’t care about it now, you will later.

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