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Bouquet of Flowers

The Bouquet of Flowers is a horror story about a young woman who works in a call center and has an encounter with an angry customer.

Bouquet of Flowers

There was a woman named Mary who worked as a technical support specialist in a call center. It was very busy and the phones were ringing off the hook. She was having trouble keeping up with the huge number of calls.

Shortly after lunch, Mary answered the phone and there was a very angry customer on the other end. He said he had been waiting on hold for almost 45 minutes. She apologized for keeping him waiting, but the man was very agitated and didn’t want to listen to her excuses.

When she was not able to find a solution to his problem immediately, he became even more upset. She put him on hold and, when she came back, he became very hostile towards her. Mary asked him to remain calm and assured him that she would fix his problem as soon as possible.

No matter what she said, it just seemed to make him more and more angry. He was shouting at her, ranting and raving about how she was wasting his precious time and complaining about how much money the phonecall was costing him.

Eventually, the irate customer began cursing and swearing at her and Mary was forced to hang up on him. An hour later, he called back. His attitude was even worse. He flew into a rage and demanded to know why she had hung up the phone. When he started using foul language again, Mary slammed down the receiver.

At the end of the day, the man called back again. This time he had calmed down and seemed embarrassed. He apologized for his rude behavior and asked her name, telling her he wanted to send her something to make up for it.

“Oh, you don’t need to do that,” said Mary.

“No, no, I really want to,” replied the man. “Just a little present to show how sorry I am.”

“We’re not actually supposed to give out our names,” she said warily.

“Just give me your first name then,” he said.

“Well… OK. My name is Mary,” she replied.

Sure enough, when Mary arrived at work the next morning, there was a lavish bouquet of flowers sitting on her desk. There was a card with the flowers that had her name on it. Mary was delighted. Nobody had ever sent her flowers before.

At the end of the day, when her shift ended, Mary said goodbye to her co-workers, picked up the bouquet of flowers and walked out to the carpark. She wanted to get the flowers home quickly so she could put them in a vase.

As she was about to get into her car, she turned around and saw a small, balding middle-aged man walking towards her. Suddnely he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her.

“Nobody hangs up on me!” he shouted as he pulled the trigger.

Mary was shot four times and died on the way to hospital. The police tracked down the man who shot her and arrested him. It turned out that he was the angry customer.

He had sent the bouquet of flowers in order to identify her.

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  • I wanna read scarier stories. Only few that I’ve reaf are creepy. I’ve only felt a shiver run down my spine twice. That’s not enough.

  • the ending was a little to obvious, like “no duh”….but,
    other than that….haha so funny.

  • What are you guys talking about he posted a story on the 31st it’s not that long ago

  • @carcass..thank u…kat. i appreciate it. but plz do nt let this thing come between our friendship.

  • I remeber this story. It was on that old show that used to come on. I think it was called fact or fiction.

  • @carcass uh..i m sorrry. i exaggerate and overreacted to sotuation. i sincerely apologise to u kat…nice name. plz forgive me.i m just 17 common i am short tempered person.sorry kat…:(:(

  • Language? Lol. Dude,I’m not dissing your family or anything its advice. I noticed that. How am I abusing you? Calm ya tits bro.

  • @carcass…mind ur language…girl. u r no one to abuse me. and neverr talk anything against my family. i m from india i do nt know much english but i m from a family who respect his family norms culture morals and values.****lf**/k

  • @Vikindian,uh..You don’t know me,you like ‘my attitude’? Sir,all you did was read my comment. I’m Kat. Thats all you should know -.- Haven’t you read this story? You could possibly be a pedobear who lives in your mum’s basement.

  • @Happenstance Who would want to steal flowers..? Lol I love ‘What if’s. cx They change everything. Yeah but I think theres Tech Support law,no faking and idenity i dunno c:

  • @carcass yep and what doesnt make sense is what if someone stole the flowers or she lied about her name

  • @Dreymon But Tech Support guys usually say their first names like “Hello I’m Rajeet and I will be helping you with your computer problem” So the moral is: Dont accept anything from work because it could be from a killer :D

  • Wow! that IS an interesting plot 0_0. And the moral is…don’t give out your info. over the net or over the phone.

  • @vikindian Yep. I’m pretty sure I’m a girl. I dunno if I’m alive or dead though.

    This is why nobody accepts anything from me :c

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