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Blue Door

Blue Door

The Blue Door is a scary children’s story from Russia about a young boy who disregards his father’s advice.

Blue Door

Blue Door

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who was bored sitting at home. He decided to go for a walk around his house, but just before he left, his father said “Walk where you want, but don’t open that blue door.”

The boy was walking all around the house, opening and closing doors. He quickly grew bored again, but then he came to the blue door.

Temptation got the better of him and, even though his father had forbidden him to open the door, he decided to open it anyway.

He twisted the door knob and opened it a crack. Suddenly, a horrible skeleton popped out and chased him around the house.

Running down the stairs with the skeleton in hot pursuit, the boy began shouting for his father.

“Dad! Dad!”, he screamed.” There’s a skeleton chasing me!”

His father appeared, holding an axe, and chopped the skeleton into little pieces.

“I told you not to open that door” said his father. “Now, go back to what you were doing, but make sure you don’t open the blue door again.”

The boy began walking around the house again, and soon he got bored. He went back upstairs and opened the blue door. Suddenly, a terrible headless man popped out and chased him around the house.

The boy ran back downstairs and screamed for his father.

“Dad! Dad!”, he cried.” There’s a headless man chasing me!”

His father appeared, holding a shotgun, and blasted the headless man with both barrels.

“This is the last time I’m going to warn you”, said his father. “Do not open that blue door. If you do, you only have yourself to blame.”

The boy began walking around the house again, for things to do. Soon he was out of ideas. He stood in front of the blue door, wondering if he should risk opening it again. Curiosity got the better of him and he twisted the knob. The door swung open wide and his father was standing inside, holding an axe.

“I warned you!” screamed the father as he chopped his son into little pieces.

The End.

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  • who again walks around the house after getting chased by a skeleton and a headless man????and such a careless father!#messfamily!BTW coo story!

  • Excuse me! If I opened a door and a skeleton started chasing me, whole I open that door again? NO because I AM NOT A STUPID, IGNORANT PIG!

    Anyway, I think the father is definitely a serial killer.

  • Woah , why would someone take a walk around his house ? why would someone open that door if he / she is chased by a skeleton or a headless guy ? why would the dad killed his son ? I mean what have he done just opened the door without his permission , SFK , I’m not criticizing , just saying cause it’s a good story

  • Things that are wrong with this story:
    1. why would you want to take a walk around your house?
    2. why would you never have opened a door in your house?
    3. why would you just happen to have an AXE lying around?
    4.why would you just go back to what you are doing after having a SKELETON chase you?
    5. same as four, but a HEADLESS DUDE?!?
    6. why would the dad chop his kid to peices without a reason?!?!?!?

  • Why would he KILL his son?! was he that ticked off at him b.t.w good story radiating violet

  • Russians must be pretty whimpy if this is their type of ‘scary story’ This is more like saying ‘Do as your parents ask!’ Kind of stuff :L

  • I dont think russin stories are that scary!!!!

    The White Death was a scary one though me and my friend read it we kept on teasing eachother like when we had a sleepover that night we were teaseing eachother like this:
    Ohhh….. you better be careful because tonight the white death will get you!!!!!!

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