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Black Wheels

Black Wheels

Black Wheels is a scary story children tell each other at summer camp in Russia. It’s very odd indeed.

Black Wheels

Black Wheels

One day a young girl was sitting at home and her mom was leaving to go to work. As the mother went out the front door, she stopped to give a word of warning to her daughter.

“If you hear a knock on the door”, said the mother “whatever you do, don’t answer it.”

The girl spent most of the day alone, watching TV, playing computer games, checking her Facebook and painting her nails.

Suddenly, her mobile phone started ringing. The phone number was blocked. She answered her phone and a strange scratchy voice said “Black Wheels! Black Wheels! Found your city, looking for your street!”

The girl was very confused. She thought the creepy voice was very odd, but she decided it must have just been someone dialling the wrong number.

Five minutes later, her phone rang again and a voice shouted “Black Wheels! Black Wheels! Found your street, looking for your house!”

The girl was scared, but she didn’t know what to do. She rushed upstairs to her bedroom and tried to hide under her bed.

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang again and a voice screamed “Black Wheels! Black Wheels! Found your house, knocking on your door!”

Then the girl heard an ominous knock on the front door. She creeped down the stairs. She heard a knock on the door again, louder this time. She peered out through the peephole, but she couldn’t see anyone outside.

The girl reached up, turned the knob and opened her front door.

A few hours later, the girl’s mother returned from work to find the front door wide open. She rushed in and screamed when she saw the horrible scene.

The girl was lying dead on the floor. Her entire body had been squashed flat and there were tire tracks all over her. Worst of all, there was a big black wheel stuck in her mouth.

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