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Black Church

Black Church

The Black Church is a Protestant chapel in Dublin, Ireland that has a very strange and sinister urban legend attached to it. The real name of the church is St. Marys Chapel of Ease and it was built in 1830

Black Church

The legendary Black Church is one of the most infamous and curious buildings in Dublin. It is located in St. Mary’s Place, Broadstone in Dublin. The building has very thick walls and narrow windows. An interesting feature of the church is that it has no distinct walls or ceilings inside, the interior consisting entirely of a parabolic arch.

Some say they call it The Black Church because, when it rains, the dark gray limestone walls of the church turn as black as death. Others say that the nickname comes from its gloomy interior.

Legend has it that if you walk anti-clockwise around the church three times at midnight, with your eyes closed, reciting the ‘Hail Mary’ backwards, the devil will appear.

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