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Big Fluffy Dog

Big Fluffy Dog

The Big Fluffy Dog is a spooky story for kids about an old woman who lives alone with her pet dog and hears a strange whistling sound one dark and creepy night.

Big Fluffy Dog

There was an old woman who lived alone on an isolated farm in the countryside. The only companion she had was a big fluffy dog she kept for protection.

One night, as she was clearing the table after dinner and washing the dishes, she heard a strange whistle. It seemed to be coming from somewhere outside. The odd whistling didn’t sound familiar. The noise was nothing like the wind whistling through the trees or the whistle of a boiling kettle. It sounded human.

Curious, the old woman rushed to the back door and looked out the window. Her big fluffy dog was on the back porch and he was barking and howling at something in the darkness.

The old woman cautiously opened the door. The eerie high-pitched whistle seemed to be coming from the moonlit hills. It sounded like it was getting closer.

As she shut the back door, the old woman shuddered. She turned the key in the lock and fastened the bolt. Then, she ran to her bedroom and fetched her shotgun.

When she got back to the kitchen, the whistle seemed to be even closer. As she stood there trembling and listening intently, she thought she heard it moving slowly towards her house.

On the back porch, her big fluffy dog was growling and gnashing its teeth as if in a frenzy.

Just then, the lights went out and she heard the sounds of a horrible struggle on the back porch.

Seconds later, there was only silence. The whistling sound was gone.

The terrified old woman shook with fear. She was too frightened to move and she spent the night lying on the kitchen floor, clutching her shotgun and listening to the eerie stillness that lasted until dawn.

As soon as the sun rose, the old woman felt confident enough to open the back door and look outside. She was horrified by what she found.

The back steps were splattered with blood and her big fluffy dog was nowhere to be seen.

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  • Please think positive. The dog may not be the one who died, it could have been the whistling guy would had got taken care of😎😎

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