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Annie is a scary story about a girl and a boy who are chatting on their phones late at night. It is referred to as “the creepiest chat history you’ll ever read”.


Annie: 01.31 Are you asleep??

David: 01.31 No. I can’t sleep. I’m studying. Whats your excuse? :p

Annie: 01.38 I think I heard footsteps on the gravel outside

David: 01.39 Get your dad to check it out :p

Annie: 01.39 I’m home alone! I told you before… My parents are on holiday, remember?

David: 01.40 Really? Till when? We should hang out :D

Annie: 01.40 It really sounds like footsteps…

David: 01.41 Being home alone can be scary. Look out the window. Maybe you’ll see someone looking in at you… LOL

Annie: 01.42 NOT FUNNY DAVID

David: 01.42 Chill. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Annie: 01.45 David, there’s someone in the garden!!!

David: 01.45 What? Really?

Annie: 01.45 YES. I can see a man…

David: 01.46 What’s he doing?

Annie: 01.46 Standing in the bushes… He has his back to me… I can’t see his face… David this is serious! What should I do??

David: 01.49 Nothing. Maybe he’ll go away by himself :)

Annie: 01.49 OMG! Now he’s turning around.

David: 01.50 What does he look like?


David: 01.51 What??


David: 01.52 What are you talking about??

Annie: 01.54 I can see that it’s you! In my garden! How are you writing on here without your phone?

David: 01.54 Annie now you’re scaring me too… I’m definitely not in your garden. Whoever that is, it’s not me.

Annie: 01.54 DAVID STOP PLAYING AROUND. I can see your face and you’re wearing that stupid football jacket you’re so proud of!

David: 01.55 Honestly Annie. I’m at home. I wouldn’t play around like that…

Annie: 01.55 It has to be you, David… playing a sick prank… How else could he be wearing your jacket??

David: 01.55 There are lots of jackets like that! You just have me on your mind ;)

Annie: 01.57 Doesn’t that jacket have your name on the back?

David: 01.58 Yeah. Everybody on the team got one with their name on it

Annie: 02.00 I can see your name!!!

David: 02.00 What?


David: 02.04 Annie my jacket is here in my closet…


David: 02.05 CALL THE COPS!!!
David: 02.05 ANNIE?!
David: 02.07 ANNIE PICK UP
David: 02.12 OK. I’ve called the police. I told them there is an attempted break-in in progress at your place. They said they’re on their way but it’ll take about half an hour. Annie are you there?

Annie: 02.17 It’s in the house… Cant talk… have to be quiet… lights off… i’m in a closet with a knife… hard to type… shaking too much

David: 02.17 Hang in there, Annie! The police will be there in 20 mins.. Do you know where he is?

Annie: 02.17 Not he… it… the way it looked at me… no person could look like that…

David: 02.17 Does it know where you are?

Annie: 02.17 No… I grabbed a knife when I saw it coming towards the house… When I heard it breaking in, I hid in the closet.

David: 02.17 OK. Good. You’ll be fine… The police will be there soon!

Annie: 02.18 oh god it’s calling out to me… it doesn’t sound like you david… its voice is so deep… filling the house… filling my head…

David: 02.18 What is it saying?

Annie: 02.19 It’s saying: “come out annie. i just want to look at you.” It keeps repeating that over and over. Have I gone insane, David? Is this what madness feels like?

David: 02.21 Just 10 more minutes, Annie! Keep it together! You are strong! You will get through this!

Annie: 02.21 It’s coming up the stairs… ever so slowly… why does it look like you, David? Why you??

David: 02.21 I don’t know, Annie!! Please believe me!

Annie: 02.21 Can you make it stop? Please! Make it stop!

David: 02.22 I would if I could. I promise you.

Annie: 02.22 It’s at the end of the hall.

David: 02.23 Annie…

Annie: 02.23 This has something to do with you, David… Only you can make it stop…


Annie: 02.25 please…

David: 02.27 It might be because I think about you so much… I think about you all the time…

Annie: 02.28 So stop thinking about me.

David: 02.28 I don’t know how.

Annie: 02.29 It’s scraping something on the walls… getting closer.. please, David…

David: 02.29 I’m trying. I’m trying so hard.

Annie: 02.31 It’s slowing down.
Annie: 02.32 Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.
Annie: 02.34 It’s stopped. I can’t hear anything.

David: 02.34 Really?? Don’t go out yet! Stay where you are until the police get there!

Annie: 02.34 What should I tell them?

David: 02.34 EVERYTHING, Annie! EVERYTHING you told me!

Annie: 02.34 I didn’t know you felt that way about me, David :)

David: 02.35 I’m so glad it stopped

Annie: 02.35 Can you come over now, David? I really need to see you :)

David: 02.36 Of course, Annie. I’ll be there in a minute.

Annie: 02.38 Great! I can’t wait!

David: 02.42 Annie… Annie, how do I know this is really you?

Annie went offline

scary for kids


  • It just sounds so weird how she’s so scared and the messages start to get all happy again. But really creepy story SFK!

  • For those of y’all who don’t understand it, Annie was already dead. The murderer tried to lure David to her house so he could murder him too. When “Annie Went Offline”, the murderer didn’t want to give away his identity.

  • It’s kinda funny at the almost end when Annie invited David to come over, he replied will be in a minute. Why don’t David go to Annie’s house when things started getting serious?

  • For all of y’all who didn’t get it, the man that looked like David killed Annie and is trying to lure David to him, so when David said “how do I know it’s you?” The man went off line to not give away himself

  • The ‘You must have me on your mind’ is so sweet. And the ‘If I could, I would’ remind me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory saying “If I could, I would but I can’t so I shan’t”. Anyways the chat is creepy. :)

  • Haha weird that “haha” came out of no where don’t think i even typed it being for real too…but anyways this is the raddest chat I’ve ever read man. So sick…just completely awesome…loved it. Totally wasn’t her in the end and y did the cops take so long? Seriously y have them if they r gonna take forever..ugh.

  • Uh… i don’t get it, but in a weird way, i still think its creepy…please help. i dont get it

  • Annie are you ok? You ok? You ok annie? You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal!

  • umm i think igot it too…!! So annie got killed in the middle…!! When that intruder on the hall and from the text… *it stop i can’t hear anything* …,! It was texting by intruder….!! This all what i understood…!! ;)

  • to much confusion….!! Anyone explain it to me pls….!!! 1 out of 10 scream …! I even cant rate with out knwing…. So its flop in my eye …!! *angry.*

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