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The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein, is a famous painting that contains a hidden optical illusion. It was painted in 1533 in London and depicts a diplomat and an aristocrat in a common pose, surrounded by scientific instruments.

The Ambassadors

If you look at the picture head-on, you will just see a grey streak across the bottom. However, if you approach the painting from below and to the left, you will be confronted by a hideous grinning skull.

The Ambassadors Skull

Why would a painter include something like this? The painting was originally created to hang on the landing of a staircase in a chateau. If someone was walking up the stairs, they would catch a glimpse of the leering skull out of the corner of their eye. So, in a way, this painting could be considered the first scary popup prank ever made…

scary for kids

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  • cool i thought mayans and there meteor prank was the first but it ain’t a prank they were dumb but painters are not because da vinci was an inventor and painter first

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