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Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories was a horror and science fiction TV series created by Steven Spielberg. It debuted on ABC in 1985 and lasted 2 seasons before it was cancelled.

Amazing Stories

While most episodes of Amazing Stories were fantasy, adventure or science fiction, there were a couple of scary and memorable horror-themed episodes in the series.

Mirror Mirror

A best-selling horror author unwisely dismisses the supernatural during a television appearance. Soon afterwards, every time he looks into a mirror, he begins to see something or someone sneaking up behind him. It is a mysterious figure, dressed in a long black coat and hat. Every time he sees it, the figure gets closer and closer. Terrified, he tries to cover up all the mirrors and reflective surfaces in his apartment. However, he accidentally catches sight of his reflection in his ex-wife’s eye and the mysterious figure begins to strangle him. This episode was directed by Martin Scorsese.

Go To The Head Of The Class

This is the episode that everyone remembers. It opens with a creepy high school teacher named Mr Beanes who devises horrible ways to punish the students in his class. Two teenagers, Peter and Cynthia, decide to get revenge on the teacher by casting a black magic spell on him. That night, they sneak into his house to see if the spell has worked and are horrified when they discover the teacher lying dead on the floor. Worried that they will be charged with murder, the two teenagers set about trying to bring Mr Beanes back to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go so well. They bring him back from the dead, but his headless body starts chasing them and he is carrying his severed head in his hand. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Christopher Lloyd and Mary Stuart Masterson.

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