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Alien Planet

Alien Planet

Alien Planet is a scary sci-fi story about a man who lands on a distant and unexplored planet and makes contact with the alien inhabitants. It is based on an old Science fiction story called “Brothers Beyond The Void” which was later adapted into an episode of The Twilight Zone titled “People Are The Same All Over.”

Alien Planet

When Marcusson touched down on the planet’s surface, it was daylight. Looking out the window of his space capsule, he could see the two suns and there were also seven moons orbiting in the sky.

The sensors indicated that the atmosphere on the planet was breathable. Marcusson put on his spacesuit, opened the airlock and cautiously exited the capsule.

He seemed to have landed in a desert area. Mountains of sand stretched as far as they eye could see and everything was and angry shade of orange. He took off his helmet an inhaled a deep breath of air.

That’s when he noticed it. The alien craft on the horizon.

Over the mountains of sand, it hovered, coming closer and closer by the second. The craft landed nearby and a hatch opened. Two figures stepped out. They walked on two legs and their bodies were shaped much like humans. However, that’s where the similarities ended.

They were much taller and their skin was a sickly shade of green. Their limbs were long and skinny and their heads were large and bulbous. They no ears, no noses and tiny, thin mouths without lips. They had strange, shiny black eyes that almost seemed like mirrors.

As he watched the aliens approach, Marcusson was careful not to make any sudden movements. He didn’t want to scare them off. When they drew near, he waved at them, attempting a friendly gesture and extended his hand. The aliens eyed him curiously, but kept their distance.

“My name is Charles Marcusson,” he said. “I come from Planet Earth. I come in peace.”

The aliens smiled at him and nodded. They spoke to each other in a curious language of clicks and squeaks. For a while, Marcusson tried clumsily to communicate with them. It seemed obvious that they understood him, but he couldn’t understand them.

They beckoned to him and gestured towards their spacecraft. They wanted him to follow them. As soon as he boarded the craft, the hatch closed behind him and they took off.

The aliens brought him to their city. They led him to a huge, complex building that looked important and he followed them down the long halls and corridors until they came to a room.

As soon as they stepped inside the room, he was struck by how familiar it looked. The interior was almost an exact replica of a typical house on Earth. There was a table and a chair, a bed, a wardrobe and a toilet. One wall of the room was covered by long, purple curtains.

One of the aliens left and when it came back, it was holding a tray. It set the tray down on the table and gestured for Marcusson to sit. He obeyed and when he lifted the lid on the tray, he was shocked to see a plate containing food. Real food. It was a dinner, just like a typical dinner he would have eaten on Earth.

He was impressed by the lengths the aliens had gone to to make him feel at home.

The aliens turned and left and he heard a click as the door locked behind them. Marcusson was hungry. He picked up the knife and fork and began to eat his dinner.

Then, he heard a low, buzzing sound and the curtains on the wall slowly drew back. Through the window, he could see hundreds, if not thousands, of aliens outside. They were gathered there, staring in at him.

That’s when he noticed the bars on the window.

And the sign.

There were a lot of strange alien symbols on the sign, but beneath them, printed in perfect English, were the words: “Earth Creature in its natural habitat.”

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