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The Alice Killings is a scary urban legend that tells the story of a series of murders in Japan. The story is by BigMouth12349 and it is based on a vocaloid song by Yugami-P called “Hitobashira Arisu” (Human Sacrifice Alice).


To this day, the Alice Killings remain one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in Japan. Between 1999 and 2005, a series of five murders took place, each of them linked by a sinister calling card left by the killer at each crime scene.

The first victim was Sasaki Megumi, a 29-year old woman who owned a restaurant. Those who knew her described her as a headstrong woman with a short temper and a sharp tongue when dealing with her employees. She was known for her fine cooking and her dedication to her job.

One night, Megumi attended a party at her friend’s house and decided to walk home. Witnesses said she was a bit too drunk to drive and even though several people offered to give her a ride, she refused. She left the party at one o’clock in the morning and that was the last time she was seen alive.

The next morning, a couple walking in the woods about a mile from Megumi’s house saw a large amount of blood on an overgrown path. Curious, they followed the trail of blood and found Megumi’s body. She had been torn apart and her body parts were impaled on various tree branches. The police a playing card, crammed into Megumi’s mouth. It was the Jack of Spades and it had the word “Alice” written on it

The second victim was a young man named Yamane Akio. He was a singer in a little-known band that mostly played at bars and community functions. Friends described him as a kind-hearted man who would never raise his voice offstage. After his death, his band fell apart, not having the heart to find a new singer.

Akio was abducted from his apartment in February, 2001. His bandmates were the last people to see him alive when he practiced with them earlier in the day. That night, his girlfriend came to visit him, and was surprised to find the house empty. After a few days, she filed a missing persons report and a search for him began.

When they examined footage from the apartment building’s security camera, police were shocked to see a hooded figure entering through a side door. Minuted later, the figure emerged holding a large garbage bag that bulged strangely. This strange appearance was never accounted for, and the figure’s face was never seen.

A week later, at a bar where the band had often performed, the owner was opening up for the day, when he was met with a grisly sight. Slumped at a table was Akio’s body. His throat had been ripped out and he had been shot in the head. The King of Diamonds was found clutched in his hand.

The third victim was a teenage girl named Kai Sakura. She was a sweet girl who was loved by her classmates and relatives and seemed to have her whole life ahead of her. She wanted to go to college to study fashion design and was only a week away from graduating high school.

When she went missing, Sakura’s family became frantic with worry and combed the whole town trying to find the lost girl. Her body was discovered two days later, buried in a shallow grave. The killer had marked her grave with a large stuck with a playing card taped to it. It was the Queen of Clubs.

Sakura’s body had been horribly mutilated. Her eyes had been gouged out, her mouth had been carved open and she had been skinned alive. There was also a crown sewn to her head and, on her body, there was a note written in a strange scrawled hand. It contained many puzzling and disjointed phrases, such as “Death is a distorted dream”, “She will forever rule” and “Those who die are the lucky ones”.

The final victims were two siblings, a girl named Hina and her younger brother, Hayato. They were very close and rarely fought. Hina was stubborn and Hayato was very intelligent.

On April 4, 2005, the two children were found dead in their beds with puncture marks in their arms. Their bedroom window was open and police believed that the killer had managed to sneak into the room without waking them, injected them with a lethal cocktail of drugs, then escaped into the night without raiing the alarm. Each child held half of an Ace of Hearts playing card that, when put together, spelled out the word “Alice.”

The only evidence found at the scene was a single smudged footprint on the carpet. Driven insane by grief, their mother took her own life a year later. Their father almost lost his mind and spent many years in mental institutions.

Shortly after the death of the Oshiro children, a homeless man named Suzuki Yuuto was arrested on suspicion of being the killer. He had a history of mental problems and claimed he couldn’t remember where he was at the time of the murders. Most damning of all, he was wearing a coat that had belonged to Yamane Akio and red spots on the sleeve tested positive to be his blood. When police confronted him with this fact, Yuuto began raving and claimed that a “demon man in black with no face” had given him the coat.

Eventually, police were forced to release Yuuto when multiple witnesses testified that he had been at a homeless shelter five miles from the scene of the crime when Sakura was murdered. The police were never able to find any other suspects and the crimes are still unsolved.

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