Scary For Kids
6 Words

6 Words

Scary stories in 6 words.

6 Words

Same field, fresh grave, new victim.

Driving alone. Feel hand on shoulder.

Scratching heard… from inside the coffin.

The homecoming queen never came home.

He saved the eyes for last.

“Lizzie, have you seen the axe?”

Human flesh tastes just like pork.

Ice cold hands around your neck.

Distant scream cut off. Footsteps approach.

You’ve been bitten. Only cure: Headshot.

Her remains were found, expertly butchered.

Sliding through the window, it grinned.

Dead eyes peering from your closet.

Noise downstairs. You wait. Too late.

Zombies return to reclaim transplanted organs.

The bomb drops. Everyone becomes ash.

Spaceship passes black hole. Sucked in.

No heaven. No hell. Wander forever.

Under full moon, I was transformed.

You throw up. Slugs come out.

Spacewalk. Lifeline snaps. Astronaut drifts away.

The screaming was ended with knife.

Garlic and wooden stake? Now naive.

Kiss me before you kill me.

I like children. They taste fresh.

Beneath the ground, the body moved.

Haunted house. Split up. “Let’s explore!”

At death’s door… It stands ajar.

He escaped… from a lunatic asylum.

Plane loops the loop… Engine stalls.

“Hello beautiful!” “Goodbye loser!” Hello stalker.

The spiders hatch… inside your cheek.

There were ten. Only one left.

Dark night. Flat tire. Wolf howls.

Doctor gave you 24 hours. Yesterday.

Behind that door… blood and gore.

“Help!” she cried. Only silence answered.

Teacher was murdered. School ends early.

With the coffin buried, you awoke.

I saw him die… Didn’t I?

Tied to the tracks… Train coming.

It is standing right behind you!

911 what’s your emergency?… Hello?… Hello?

Scariest thing of all? Your reflection.

Then someone turned on the light…

Awoke from dream. Still living nightmare.

You accidentally pushed the wrong button.

Bite into apple. Half a worm.

“Cut the red wire? I’m colorblind!”

Buried on Monday. Die on Tuesday.

All four walls engulfed in flames.

The shark swam faster than you.

Last human dies. Only zombies left.

It drinks blood and eats eyes.

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