Scary For Kids
5 Words

5 Words

Scary stories in 5 words.

5 Words

Just saw my reflection blink.

Living alone… Toilet seat warm.

There’s a skeleton inside you!

Alone in bed… Blanket shifts.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday…

You didn’t kill that spider.

It enjoys watching you sleep.

My shadow walked past me.

Zombies learn to use guns.

Zombies Learn to Use Guns

10 missed calls from Mom.

Swimming… Something touched my foot.

Your internet history is public.

Last person alive hears knocking.

It was a cannibal snowman!

Cannibal Snowman

That door was just closed.

Freddy is outside your window.

Everyone you know will die.

That clown called your name.

Text from boyfriend: “I’m dead.”

The devil wants your soul!

The Devil Wants Your Soul

“A dingo ate my baby!”

Calls came from inside house.

Why is one knife missing?

Not paranoid. They’re after me!

If they wake up… RUN!

Her heart stopped. She didn’t.

Wife screams… At her funeral.

You awake suddenly, burried alive.

Home alone… Smell strange fart.

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