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Red Curtains

The Red Curtains is a spooky story for children about a poor family who buy new curtains. It is based on an urban legend from Russia.

Red Curtains

In a small village in Russia, there lived a family of three. There was a father, a mother and a young daughter. The family were very poor and couldn’t afford a nice place to live. They all lived and slept in the same small room.

One day, the parents managed to save some money and decided to buy new curtains to brighten up the room. The mother sent her daughter to the store and told her to buy the cheapest curtains she could find.

When the girl got to the store, she saw that they had all types of beautiful curtains. However, all of them were too expensive.
The saleswoman told her that she had a special offer. Two sets of cheap curtains for the price of one. Red curtains and blue curtains.

The young girl paid for the curtains and, as she was leaving, the saleswoman warned her that the red curtains should only be hung during the day and the blue curtains should only be hung at night.

By the time the girl reached home, she had become confused and gave her mother the wrong instructions. During the day, the mother hung up the blue curtains and, when night fell, she hung up the red curtains.

It was after midnight and the family were all lying in bed, fast asleep. Suddenly, a deep voice came from the red curtains.

“Father, Father, wake up!” said the voice.

The father woke up.

“Father, father, get out of bed!”

The father got out of bed.

“Father, father, get dressed!”

The father got dressed.

“Father, father, come over to the window!”

The father went over to the window.

“Father, father, stand on the chair!”

The father stood up on the chair and the red curtains strangled him.

“Mother, Mother, wake up!” said the curtains.

The mother woke up.

“Mother, Mother, get out of bed!”

The mother got out of bed.

“Mother, Mother, get dressed!”

The mother got dressed.

“Mother, Mother, come over to the window!”

The mother went over to the window.

“Mother, Mother, stand on the chair!”

The mother stood up on the chair and the red curtains strangled her.

“Little Girl, Little Girl, wake up!” said the curtains.

The little girl was always slow to do anything, so when she heard the voice, she just turned over in bed and fell asleep again.

“Little Girl, Little Girl, get out of bed!”

The little girl woke up and rubbed her eyes.

“Little Girl, Little Girl, get dressed!”

The little girl rolled out of bed and stood up.

“Little Girl, Little Girl, come over to the window!”

The little girl struggled to put her clothes on.

“Little Girl, Little Girl, stand on the chair!”

The little girl slowly walked over to the window. The red curtains reached out and strangled themselves. The girl was shocked and grabbed the phone to call the police. She told them she was all alone in the apartment and her parents had disappeared.

When the police arrived, they pulled off the curtains and discovered a large hole in the wall. Cautiously peering inside, they saw three buckets. The first was full of human blood, the second was piled high with human skin and in the third there was a pile of bones.

On the floor beside the buckets, lay the dead body of an old woman. She had choked herself to death.


  • that is wierd… Clever girl though…she is a legend. little girl come here!
    little girl: *snoring while setting off a time bomb*
    little girl come outside through the front door
    little girl: *walks out through the back door and calls police* ” hello , police, someone is outside my front door and then set off a time bomb” *BOOM!* “and it explodes”

  • The lady was in the curtains she strangled mom and dad but she strangled herself because the girl wasn’t there and she couldn’t see. One question how did the holes get there and the lady in the middle of the night or something.

  • I don’t find the story ending confusing because I think the old lady on the floor, dead is the Mother or It is The Sales Woman…
    :) @RaGe-Man99 I really do not understand you or @Banana phone. It is the parents human body… Isn’t it???
    :) Who Agrees

  • I definitely agree with you Xx Death Bolt xX. It doesn’t make sence! I am confused!!

  • So…Uh…
    The curtains killed them or the saleswoman came to see if
    she followed the instructions and killed them?!?!

  • I think the woman hid behind the curtains and maybe ahe accidentally strangled herself when ahe was trying to get the girl


  • These stories are good. There just not scary enough. I’m a writer in real life I write stories for this site and many others. All I want to say is never give up and that and I have a new idea for a story now its going to be call suicide:D

  • Russian tales are always the ones with something about “red”. Just like the RED GLOVES. Now RED CURTAINS. IS RED A CURSED COLOR IN RUSSIA?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  • Yep, like everyone has already said, it’s really confusing. You lost me at the curtains strangling themselves. Why was there a hole in the wall? Why buckets…and come on, she had no time to dismember and add each part into buckets, before calling each person. Lol And finally, what was the significance of the the curtain colours? So if they’d put them up in the right order, a woman with three buckets wouldn’t have burrowed a hole in the wall and committed homicide with draped fabric?

  • Hey scaryforkids can you take this story into consideration? I made it up myself. Here it is:

    Old Woman

    There was once a family who lived in a small country styled house in a small town. The father worked as a detective in the next city over. He would love to tell his wife and children about the cases he done and the criminials he catched all on his own. One day however, he came home from work later than usual. He looked very distraught and clearly not at ease. When his wife asked him what was wrong he told her ” Remember that middle aged woman , you know the short one I did an undercover investigation on?” the wife nodded. “Well apparently she is being released from jail for unknown reasons. She’ll be on parol though but still it’s not right.” The wife was confused ” So why do you care if she is being let out of jail?”. The father leaned in with wide eyes. “She threatend to kill me and my family for busting her after the dissaperance of her daughter. She is known for stalking and between you and me , im scared for our lives!” The father looked very distraught and started trembling. The wife looked puzzled ” Wait is the lady your talking about have beach blonde hair?” The father replied without looking up ” Yeah , I think so , Pretty sure , but I honestly don’t care what her hair color is” He chuckled a little bit. “Well does , she have matted blonde hair?” The wife said in a a trembling voice. The father looked up at her. She was frozen still and was as pale as a ghost. A chill went down his spine and he looked his wife’s direction. Outside the patio door , The crazed woman was staring at them with matted hair and a horryifying toothless smile. In one hand she had a huge bloody axe. In the other hand dangling from her bloody fingers where the severed heads of the couples children.
    (Hope you enjoyed my story! sorry if it’s to short and sorry if there are spelling mistakes. But I hope you post it anyway!)

  • @nightmare_night look in the spooky stories and urban legends section of this site. Those are some awesome stories!

  • I suppose that the old woman hid behind the red curtains, and daylight was her weakness, so she wouldn’t kill you in the day. Also for an explanation of the old woman dying, i think it was because the girl went over to the curtains rather than standing on the chair as told, therefore disobeying the order.

  • Putting the curtains in the story was futile. Why not just have the story be about an old woman stalking the family?

  • yup Xx Death Bolt xX this story is kinda confusing, any idea where she came from?


    ANNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD sence sorry i am trying to be a better actor but dont hink i am not saying those things in my head!

  • So there was an old woman who was killing the parents? This story is kinda confusing

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