Read The Sign

Read the Sign is a spooky story about a woman and her daughter who see something creepy on TV one night.

Read the Sign

One night, an 8-year old girl was sitting at home, watching television with her mother. Suddenly, the screen began flickering and the image of a ghostly woman in red inexplicably appeared on the TV. She was holding a small sign that was covered with words scrawled in red ink.

It read: “This is a special announcement. Parents, please send your children to bed immediately”.

The mother was worried and told her daughter to go to bed. The young girl protested, but the mother remained firm. She grabbed her daughter by the arm and led her into the hallway. The girl meekly walked up the stairs to her bedroom and the mother returned to the living room. When she looked at the TV again, the woman on the screen was holding a new message.

It read: “Please wait”.

The mother sat patiently on the sofa, waiting for the special announcement. After five minutes passed and nothing happened, she began to get bored.

Just then, the woman on the screen displayed a new message. The writing was tiny and very difficult to read. The mother inched closer to the TV, trying to make out the words.

The sign read: “Thank you. Your children are now dead”.

The mother was horrified. She ran upstairs and burst into her daughter’s bedroom. She found the young girl lying in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck and breathed a sigh of relief.

As she watched her daughter sleeping, the mother noticed that something was wrong. The blankets on the bed were not moving. Her daughter wasn’t breathing. Slowly, she walked over to the girl’s bedside and pulled the covers. She recoiled in horror and began screaming.

On the pillow, lay her daughter’s severed head. Her body was nowhere to be found.

More than 500 children died that night. The police couldn’t trace the strange television broadcast and the woman holding the sign was never identified.


  1. Curious Shubhi says

    I thought as soon as mother would inch closer to the TV something frightening will appear on screen & drag her in to……… but it had a twist at end……. so overall it was nice to read……….

  2. Username_Invalid says

    I meant if the head was severed, shouldn’t there be blood on the sheets or something ?

  3. Username_Invalid says

    What if the television was in the bedroom. And if the head wed as severed, shouldn’t thete be blood on the sheets or something ? Nice story btw.

  4. zombie_pegasister says

    Thats stupid you really send your kids to bed because the tv tells you maybe adults are like little kids do what the tv tells you

  5. slendy_iz_scary says

    ok, this story is creepy, but why didnt the mom go tuck her kid in or something? also, didnt the boadcaster think that moms/ dads would tuck theyre kids in?

  6. susie00 says

    The parents most likely thought that they should send their children to their rooms because the announcement might have been something inappropriate or something that might scare the kids.

  7. jenjenrainbow says

    if this ever happens to me imma be like I ain’t going to bed then I will make my mom read this and then she’ll be like nvm and I’ll be like yyea… another thing why would you listen to the tv if its something bad change the channel or tell them to close their eyes gosh!

  8. Screaming Girl says

    @krystenhook11 The time of posting the message is clearly mentioned alongside it….LIAR!!!!!!!!!!Caught red handed!
    The time is 7:27 PM!

  9. Bunny1996 says

    Some HELP me! I don’t get it..what was the sign? and why is everyone freaking out? please HELP!

  10. QStarrDaze says

    People say, “I LOVE stories that mess with my mind!” Well, let me be the first to tell you… I can’t stand stories that mess with my mind!… Lol, I’m sitting here reading the sign like, “Ugh, why would you make the sign so captivating??” -_-

  11. Nini Noggin Head says

    So they sent their kids to bed because the T.V told them too? Still it’s pretty creepy. But at least they said please and thank you :)

  12. x pinkblood x says

    just saying if it was me and my mom she would have gigled and hand me a pilow and say go to sleep then we would laugh and change the cannel we would think its a joke she dose not belive in stuff like that

  13. darkshade says

    This freaking pic gave me nightmares…really ! I dreamt I was watching TV in my living room and suddenly this creepy woman appeared on the screen with a sign reading :”This is a special announcement…” I freaked out, ran to my mother’s room and yelled : Oh my god, this story is real ! And then I struggled to wake up but every time I managed to open my eyes I didn’t have the strength to stay awake so I closed them and the woman kept appearing until I completely woke up.

  14. shadowclawskitty says

    This is why you shouldn’t listen to your mom/dad when they say go to bed

    And I luv this story!!!

  15. Banana phone says

    but people are intrested in participating your just jealous of the popularity

  16. bunnygirl says

    A Random story by Bunnygirl.

    Brown Sock Monkeys.

    One Monday morning Alice and Nikki were getting ready for school. When nikki went to the bathroom to brush her hair and put it in to a side braid, she saw a note saying”Alice and Nikki I won’t be home until midnight so in the frigde is two boxes of pizza.(One pizza per box.) love mom. “Alice! Mom is going to be out until midnight!” She screamed. They went to school and on the way home the saw this man on the street. He said “Why would you two cute girls like a brown sock monkey?” “Leave us alone you creep!” They got home and ate dinner after awhile Alice had to go to the toliet so she said, I’m going to be right back. But after awhile she heard alice scream. “ALICE!” Screamed Nikki. She ran to the bathroom she saw a lot of blood the note on the mirror said’Will you buy a sock monkey?’ It said she was crying now but all of a sudden the man who was selling the sock monkeys came out the shower and said” YOU SHOULD’VE BOUGHT ONEE!!!” Then killed her. THE END

  17. Banana phone says

    @ rage man99: yeah I made it up off the spot is it good and it is pretty obvious who it is
    @ krissylovesscary: is spongebobs bootleg from the squidward one cause I dont get it either
    @ peanut brittle: it is an episode on nickelodeon ? or on creepy pasta I love creepy pasta though I like blinky but not he boy on blinky he mean
    What is your fav horror movie?

  18. PeanutBrittle says

    I’d post a link, but I don’t know if you can, but if you search “spongebob bootleg episode creepypasta” on Google, it’ll tell you.

  19. Banana phone says

    once there was a murder
    he liked a lot of kids
    he didnt want to be a murder
    so he stopped killing
    his father did not like this
    he made a stop to this
    his father looked angry he was covered in red
    Who was the father?
    please comment

  20. pink_georgia_horse says

    Gullible parents. But still sad. I wonder how the parents felt, then again I don’t wanna know.

  21. Jinx says

    If I had children, I wouldn’t send them to bed. I’d make sure they were in the same room with me!

  22. beyond scared says

    Some spirit must’ve did it. Either that or Hell is starting it’s own show called ( Your Children Are dead.)

  23. BieberzMyne says

    i would go to bed and when my mom left, i would leave and chill in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet (not using it)reading a magazine!

  24. Shinigamis Shadow says

    The mom retarded.Why would you obey the sign a GHOSTLY woman was holding?Geez ppl these days xD.

  25. Dead Girl XXx says

    sonee? o.O
    omg thank you very much i am never going to sleep even if mom rips me off!

  26. That_Kid_Ali says

    Sonee didn’t work for me. I watched the whole video and kept my eyes on it. D:

  27. PeanutBrittle says

    It does change. You have to be patient, its not going to immediately appear.

  28. MewmewKitteh says

    The Face Dosn’t Change Idk What You All Are talking About Please Help Me:L

  29. htfnutty4575 says

    @peanutbrittle I tried and it was awesome! Thanks for helping me calm down :)

  30. PeanutBrittle says

    you should. I did, and I’m still alive, so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s actually pretty cool how the entire illusion thing works in our minds.

  31. reTARDIS says

    lol that woman’s face looks like nicki minaj. and i actually read the sign out loud!

  32. PeanutBrittle says

    sonee isn’t actually haunted, you know. and you wont commit suicide after you watch the video. but just look at the picture only, not the video, and you will still see things change. it’s an optical illusion, not a haunted painting.

  33. scary lady says

    my reaction to spongebob bootleg- wtf….. HAHAHAHA lmaoooooo….this is gaaaayyyyyyyyyy *exit*

  34. killerkat101 says

    If I was that girl’s mom I wouldn’t of have sent her just because that lady said so on the t.v anyway I really like this story it messes with the mind.

  35. htfnutty4575 says

    Reminds me of the spongebob bootleg episode. No one look at it or sonee for the love of god :~(

  36. lacole luv99 says

    Creepy picture and I have 1 question why would the parents send their kids to bed juat cuz thw t.v said so?!

  37. mathewlan13 says

    I think so… It’s still od how the murderers could have got to all those houses in five minutes, and why they would do it anyway…

  38. ShadowHuntress says

    I don’t get it. So the signs were just to stall the parents while they killed the kids?

  39. nparmar says

    Second! Love reading scary stories…. this story was sooooooo cool… loved it…

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