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Prize Money

Prize Money is a creepy riddle about a contest to win a thousand dollars. The only problem is what happens if you win the contest. Think about this one for a little while. If you can’t solve it, scroll down and read the comments for the answer to the riddle.

Prize Money

Prize Money

A young boy was at the carnival. He was walking past a kiosk where an old man was sitting.

“Do you want to play a game?” the old man said to him.

The young boy was intrigued. “What kind of game?” he asked.

“It’s a very simple game.” said the old man. “I will tell you the rules. I have ten large metal boxes. Inside one of the boxes is the prize money. One thousand dollars.”

“A thousand bucks, huh?” asked the boy. “What’s the catch?”

“The boxes are sturdy and strong,” said the old man. “Much too strong to be opened with your bare hands. They are also airtight and cannot be damaged by a hammer, an axe or even a chainsaw.”

“So they’re impossible to open?” said the boy.

“Not impossible.” said the man. “I have a blowtorch which can be used to open the boxes.”

“Is there a time limit?” asked the boy.

“You can take as much time as you want.” said the old man. “When you find the prize money, it’s all yours. So, do you want to play the game?”

“Well, I don’t how I could possibly lose,” said the boy. “OK. I’ll play your game.”

The old man smiled. “I’ll make it very easy for you”, he said. “There are ten metal boxes, but if you give me five dollars, I will start you right next to the prize money.”

The boy happily took out his wallet and handed a crisp five dollar note to the old man. There was a mischievous grin on the old man’s face.

The game started.

The prize money was right in front of the boy. He could see it. He could touch it.

Even though he won the game, the boy was never able to spend the money.

He died shortly after he won the game.

How did the boy die?


  • @vampirehunterKD you are actually wrong. Winning the game doesn’t mean you get out of the box. It means you find the prize money. So, he got the thousand dollars (or whatever the amount was) but died from suffocation.

  • from reading all the stories on this website, it seems old people can get away with crimes easier ( could be a statistical fact)

  • this needs to be elucidated… in other words he killed a boy for his £3.46 (5 dollars) when he had thousands of pounds.. essentially every time he finds a ‘victim’ he adds that 5 dollars to his stash of thousands of pounds, a very strange way to gather ‘earnings’ but it still works i guess..

  • but the only thing confuse me… Is “he died shortly after winning the game.” …. Cos winning the game = getting out of box

  • Right NEXT to the money he is inside the box!!!! Did I get it i did not look at answer

  • The old man put the little boy in the airtight box with the money, so the boy suffocated.
    But wait…If he paid five dollars to be with the money, that means he doesn’t get a million bucks – he only gets $999,995.00!!! He got CHEATED!

  • If he locked the boy in the box with the money then he can’t breathe because the box is airtight… I get it now. :)

  • i couldnt agree with you more! Paradise yes its like that.if there’s enough force from heat to that metal box,the boy just put himself in literal danger…

  • He said he would put him next to the prize money so he probably shoved the boy into the box.

  • When he blew the blow torch on the metal box the air inside heated up and it started blowing up (almost like a parachute) then when the pressure inside the metal box was too much it blew up and probably hit the boy and he died :)

  • Well shoot! the old dude locked him in the box with the money…makes you wonder what/who got trapped in the other boxes 0_0

  • Oh, i get it. If the boy paid him 5 dollars he could be right NEXT to the money, so he got locked inside a box!

  • Uhhhh guy said he would put the guy next to the money do he put him inside da box then locked him in then guy suffocated ()_()
    () ()

  • The old man says for 5 dollars he will put him right next to the prize money. So he put the boy literally next to the prize money. In the same box as it. So the boy won but dies of suffocation in the airtight box.

  • @RedSamurai159 The money belongs to the old man and he didnt want to lose it and when the kid won he got excited and when the oldman killed him and was glad he got away with his money soooo they were both happy at some point.

  • XDD I’m too logical about things…. I thought the gas or sparks given off from the blowtorch would’ve killed the boy… And I assumed there were small boxes XD

  • Hmm.. This taught me not to play weird games weird old people weirdly request us to XD
    RIP, guy :P

  • I,was kind of thinking the old man got him put more of these and finish the bert story and cthulu.

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