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Mental Patient

The Mental Patient is a spooky story about a nurse who helps out an inmate at the insane asylum where she works.

Mental Patient

A young woman had just finished nursing school and, in need of experience, volunteered at the mental health clinic near her home. Because it was her first real job, she didn’t have to deal with the really dangerous mental patients. Instead, they assigned her to work with the less violent patients. The suicidal people, the depressed, those who heard voices and those who never said anything at all.

She worked with a lot of mental patients, but her favorite was an old man named Arthur. he was mute. He never said a word. He just sat in his chair and nodded his head. As the days passed by, she became very close to Arthur. He was a very good listener.

She would talk to him for hours and he would just listen and nod his head. She told him about her parents, her friends, all her problems, everything that happened in her life. Most people would have been bored. But not Arthur. He just sat there and nodded as she moaned and complained and told him about all the little things that were bugging her in her life.

Arthur just nodded.

After several months of working with Arthur, the nurse decided that he didn’t belong in an insane asylum. He couldn’t be very happy, sitting in a room by himself nodding all day. That evening, she had a meeting with the supervisor of the clinic. She said that Arthur didn’t pose a threat to anyone and asked for him to be allowed to leave the asylum and live on his own. He was a gentle soul. He was able to feed and groom himself. He deserved to be free.

There’s nothing wrong with him”, she said. “Arthur just nods.”

The supervisor didn’t agree with her, but the young nurse wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Every day, after working with Arthur, she would corner the supervisor and argue with him about the pros and cons of releasing Arthur into the community.

Eventually, the day came when her persistance paid off. The supervisor finally admitted defeat and agreed to let Arthur go. The young nurse was overjoyed and rushed to tell Arthur the good news. She told him he was free now. He could leave the clinic and live on his own.

Arthur just nodded.

She wrote her name and address on a piece of paper and thrust it into Arthur’s hand. She kept telling him that she was really going to miss him. Most of all, she would miss talking to him every day.

The young nurse told him to be sure to write to her as often as possible. She wanted to hear how things turned out for him after his release.

Arthur just nodded.

The nurse went home that evening, feeling very pleased with herself. She had finally managed to get Arthur free from the insane asylum. She told her parents and her sister the good news. Her months of hard work had finally paid off. When she went to bed that night, she fell asleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

In the middle of the night, she was rudely awakened by the sound of screaming. It seemed to be coming from downstairs. Frightened, she gathered her wits about her. She jumped out of bed and bravely crept down the darkened staircase.

There in the hall, she found the bodies of her mother, her father and her sister. They were lying in a pool of blood. As she bent over them, trying to see if they were still alive, she saw a shadow moving across the hallway.

She looked behind her and was confonted by a large figure standing motionless in the doorway. The scream died in her throat.

It was Arthur. He was just standing there, staring at her. His eyes were wild. In one hand, he held a bloody axe. In the other hand, he was holding a piece of paper. The same piece of paper on which she had written her name and address.

The young nurse was shaking with fear. Arthur raised the axe above his head. His eyes were bugging out of their sockets.

“Are you here to kill me?”, she croaked.

Arthur just nodded.


  • why would you give a mental patient a piece of paper with your adress on it?! i think the girl in the story had it coming. never give a crazy person your adress. seriously what was that girl thinking?

  • Okay so if he’s one of the less mental patients, I wonder how bad the really mental patients are?!?!?


  • what i thought was that he was already dead so that when she asked the supervisor he would say that there was no arthur

  • And she never saw it coming. To all you murderers out there, just pretend to be mute and befriend a young woman ;D

  • maybe since he couldn’t speak he couldn’t have told her he didn’t want to hear her so he wanted revenge for being there for hours listening to her

  • Omg you gave a mental patient ur address AND let him leave the asylum…niiiiiiiiiiiiiice going

  • OK so why do you let an insane from a mental hospital? How come everything’s alright with him if he keeps nodding?! Why on earth would you give him your adress?!?!

  • In so many of these stories, people do really stupid things and end up paying for it. People with common sense survive. The nurse shouldn’t give a mentally insane inmate her name and address. There’s a reason he’s in an asylum, and giving him your address is the smartest thing you do, after you SET HIM FREE?

  • Jerk Much? Poor Woman Was So Polite To Him And This Is How He Repays Her? Dude, Kill Someone Else, You Heartless Bastard -.-

  • @Vamprissa, totally agreed! There must be a reason for him being in a mental hospital! They just don’t toss people in there! There is a reason for it!!!

  • Stupid nurse. Dumb supervisor. Stupid nurse cuz she wanted him to b free. “LADY HE IS IN AN INSANE ASYLUM FOR A REASON. Dumb supervisor for granting the permission to let him free.

  • im a nurse and believe me not all patients in an asylum are crazy. some of them are just f***ed up

  • Good story.
    “Arthur just nodded.” Haha..

    To those saying “why did she let him out” and “why would she give him her address” etc. I’m just going to reply with this:
    She was obviously a very nice woman, and believed Arthur was not crazy. Maybe she was gullible, or, a little stupid. It’s a story, so, some unrealistic or semi-realistic things tend to happen. Which, in my opinion, makes them more fun. I can’t imagine being interested in reading scary stories if they ALL had to be realistic. That would be boring, because, even horror movies are almost always semi-realistic.

  • Why would that girl be so stupid to let him out, give him your adress, and just be soo in-competant! I can’t believe people are so stupid to do that kind of stuff. Just like my dad says, ” People, get an education, learn from right and wrong, think before you do. That is how you live in life. Do the complete opposite from all those things, you might find your self badly injured, or even half dead. You never know.”

  • Hmm I wonder if Arthur would have spared the nurse if she said, “Will you spare my life?”. He’ll just nod, saying Yes.

  • what the hell is wrong with her! if he’s in a mental hospiteal then it means something is fricking wrong with him!

  • noodle118, that’s so true. some people working in an insane asylum and talking to an insane patient too much are picking up some insane traits.

  • That is creepy. And i agree with Alexander and the flippo. Why did she let him out? But IT is still an awesome story.

  • Scariest I have read in awhile,but it is her fault.Letting a mental patient out?That is just another plea for swat.

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