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Me Tie Doughty Walker

Me-Tie-Dough-Ty-Walker is a scary story for kids. It is based on an old traditional tale from American folklore. A different version of this story appeared in the Alvin Schwartz book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Me Tie Doughty Walker

There was a small village in the middle of a dark forest. In the village, there was a haunted house that everyone was terrified to enter. Nobody would dare to stay there overnight. Legend had it that, every night at midnight, a bloody severed head fell down the chimney.

One day, a rich man was passing through the village. After hearing about the haunted house, he offered a thousand dollars to whoever was brave enough to spend an entire night inside. None of the villagers would take him up on his bet until a young boy stepped forward and raised his hand. The boy announced that he would spend the night in the haunted house as long as he could bring his dog with him. The man agreed and it was settled.

The next evening, the boy set off for the haunted house with his trusty dog following close behind. As he entered the dreary abode, he whistled a happy tune to calm his nerves. After doing a little exploring, he decided to make himself comfortable in the living room. He started a fire in the fireplace, then lay down on the couch with his dog and waited for morning to arrive.

For a while, nothing happened. Then, a little after midnight, he thought he heard a strange noise over the cracking of the fire and the creaking of the house. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere out in the woods. Someone or something was singing a haunting tunes.

“Me tie dough-ty walker,” sang the eerie voice.

The boy stared out the window and his hair stood on end.

“Maybe it’s just somebody taking a shortcut through the woods,” he told himself.

Then, his dog suddenly perked up and sang, “Lynchy-Kinchy-Colly-Molly-Dingo-Dingo.”

The boy could hardly believe his ears. His dog had never uttered a word before. Now it was answering the haunting voice in the woods. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

A few minutes later, the boy heard the voice singing again, only this time it was closer and louder

“Me-Tie-Dough-Ty-Walker”, sang the mysterious voice.

The dog answered again, “Lynchy-Kinchy-Colly-Molly-Dingo-Dingo.”

This really had the boy scared. He was afraid that whoever was lurking in the woods would hear the dog singing and come to get them.

A few minutes later, the boy heard the voice singing again. Now it was in the back yard


The dog sang back louder, “LYNCHEE KINCHY, COLLY MOLLY, DINGO DINGO!”

A few inutes later, the boy heard the voice singing again. Now it was coming down the chimney.

“ME TIE DOUGH-TY WALKER!” it yelled.

Again, the dog sang back: “LYNCHEE KINCHY, COLLY MOLLY, DINGO DINGO!”

Suddenly a bloody severed head fell down the chimney. It missed the fire and landed right in front of the dog. The dog took one look at it and fell over dead from fright. Then, the head turned and stared at the boy. It slowly opened its mouth and screamed.

The next morning, the rich man went to check on the boy. He found him lying on the floor of the haunted house. His hair had turned white and he couldn’t stop screaming.


  • Why are people so dumb? If i would have heard anything about something scary near me, i would be like two miles away from the place!

  • Then they all started singing, 🎶Ooh! eee! ooh aah ahh! Ting tang! Wah la wah la bing bang!🎶

  • the dog could talk because he was possesed. The then the head possesed the man with him screaming to his doom.

  • lol i feel bad for the doggy (dog luver XD) but i think how the dog starts talking because of the head er whatever and what he says is hilarious “lynchy kinchy , colly molly, dingo dingo” “me dough ty walker” LYNCHY KICNHY , COLLY MOLLY , DINGO DINGO!” ME DOUGH-TY WALKER!” LYCNHY KINCHY , COLLY MOLLY , DINGO DINGO!” XD it’s hilarious! but I’s feels bad forz the doggie when it dies :'(

  • well this just idea but i think ‘me tie doughty walker’ looks like ‘i want to walk the dog’ i don’t know why i came up with that :/ plus i read this from a book called scary stories in dark but it didn’t include the last sentence…?

  • yea this came from a book. the ending is different though it didnt say what happened when the man came it didnt even say he came.

  • Handwriting:

    Once there lived to best friends, they were the closest thing you could get, they did everything together, sleepovers, assignments they even hand wrote stories together. Both friends were very nice writers but one always believed her writing was terrible, her name was Kristin. She always mentioned how neat Macy’s (her friends) writing was and how she wanted to write exactly like her. Macy always took this as a compliment. One day after failing an english test Kristin and Macy started a new story. Kristin was still upset and just wanted to be alone, “I HATE YOU SO MUCH” Kristin yelled, “I WANT YOUR HANDS, EVERYTHING!” Macy left shocked, what made her friend act like that?
    That night after being kissed goodnight Macy was left staring at her ceiling, she was upset from the way Kristin acted but soon fell into a deep uncomfortable sleep. Macy was woken by a slight tapping of her door, she heard the creak of it being opened. Macy lay stiff as a board, who was in her room, what were they doing? The “thing” made it’s way over to the side of her bed. Suddenly it went silent. Believing it had left Macy opened her eyes and was terrified of what she saw. “Hello Macy” whisperd Kristin, she was face to face with her and smothered in blood, “I have come to collect what I always wanted!” A large blood curdling scream echoed throughout the house. Macy’s parents ran into her room, in the middle of the room lay Macy’s dead body, her hands left in bloody stumps. Right in the corner of Macy’s room sat Kristing with two dismembered hands and a bloody sewing kit.

    I really hope you liked it please comment!

  • Okay now that was really… weird and creepy and all .___. i have completely no expression!

  • i think the singing voice was a the person who got murdered in the house, and had his head thrown into the woods, while his body stayed in the house. the head would sing, signaling the ghost of the body to posses something and start singing the chant to lead the head back into the house. the head would fall through the chimney but every moring it would somehow go back into the woods

  • Ahaha! When I was reading the dog’s part where he was singing, I fell off the bed laughing!

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