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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Alone is a scary Japanese game in which you play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a possessed doll. This game is also known as Hitori Kakurenbo, One Man Hide and Seek or One Man Tag. It is very dangerous and we recommend that you do not play this game.

Hide and Seek

To Play Hide and Seek Alone, you need a stuffed doll (it must have arms and legs), a bag of uncooked rice (enough to fill the doll), a needle and crimson thread, a sharp knife, a cup of salt (natural salt would be best). You also need to choose a small room or closet which will be your Hiding Place.

Step 1: Cut open the doll and remove the stuffing. Fill the doll with uncooked rice. (In many Asian cultures, uncooked rice is believed to attract spirits).

Step 2: Clip your fingernails and put them inside the doll. (This binds the doll to you).

Step 3: Sew the doll up with the crimson thread, then tie up the doll with the rest of the thread. (The thread represents blood and binds the spirit to the doll).

Step 4: Fill the bathtub with water.

Step 5: Place a cup of salt water inside your hiding place.

Step 6: Choose a name for your doll. (Naming a spirit makes it more powerful).

Step 7: At 3 AM, go to the bathroom, pick up the doll and say three times, “(Your Name) is the first it!”

Step 8: Place the doll in the bathtub, take the knife with you and go around the house turning off all the lights. Switch on the TV and leave it on a static white noise channel.

Step 9: Go back to your hiding place, close your eyes and count to ten.

Step 10: Return to the bathroom with the knife in your hand.

Step 11: Say, “I have found you, (Doll’s Name)!” and stab the doll with the knife.

Step 12: Say three times, “Now (Doll’s Name) is it!” and put the doll and the knife back in the bathtub.

Step 13: Immediately, run back to your hiding place and wait.

At this point, you may hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. If the doll is close, you will hear the white noise on the TV change. Apart from the sound of footsteps and things being moved around, some people have reported horrible smells, drastic changes in temperature, and the TV suddenly switching off or the volume changing dramatically. Some have reported the sensation of being touched or pulled on.

If at any time, you feel the doll is about to find you, end the game.

To end the game, take a mouthful of salt water. Keep it in your mouth. Don’t swallow it. Get out of the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the bathroom. It could be anywhere. Whatever happens, don’t spit out the salt water until you find the doll.

When you find it, pour the rest of the salt water in the cup over it, then spit the salt water in your mouth over it as well. Say three times, “I win!” and cut off the crimson thread. This is supposed to free the spirit and end the ritual.

After this make sure you dry the doll, and burn or discard it later.


1. Do not stop this ritual halfway through. You must do it through to the end.
2. Do not go outside of the house.
3. Do not play this game for more than two hours, or the spirit will become too powerful and will not leave the doll.
4. You must be alone in the house when you play. You can play with friends, but if there is someone else in the house who is not playing, they will be in mortal danger if the doll finds them instead.
5. When you are returning to your hiding place, do not look behind you.
6. You must turn off all lights and keep very quiet while hiding.
7. Do not leave your hiding place without salt water in your mouth. The doll will still be searching for you.
8. If you are religious, take a symbol of protection from your religion into the hiding place with you (eg: a crucifix, rosary beads, a scapular, a Hamsa or a Buddhist amulet or talisman).

This is a very dangerous ritual and we advise you not to try it. We will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try it. If you make a mistake, you could wind up stabbed to death or possessed by an evil spirit. In Japanese, the word for “It” in hide and seek is “Oni” which means “Demon”.


  • *tries and does everything correctly* Me : I will prove this is fake! *hears doll feet move* Me : NOPE! *puts salt water in mouth and finds the doll right outside of hiding spot* Me : WHAT?! *Spits salt water on doll and spills salt water on doll* Me : I win! I win! I win! *Game ends*

  • NOOOOOO I can’t bear to cut up my dollies (even though I’m eighteen) or waste rice!

  • This game is just like hide and go kill, but only theres a smaller chance you will die.

  • I love seeing sfk comment it’s like seeing n eclipse, it’s rare. I wouldn’t play this game but it seems cool

  • There are so many works to do before playing the game,And I am too lazy to create such kinda doll, So There is no chance that I am gonna try this..!!!

  • Me:*reads tittle and story* no one said you had to use a doll…*looks at pillow*
    Me: *follows instructions and plays*
    Pillow:*finds Natalia in dresser*
    Me:*grabs pillow and hugs* UR MY SERVANT NOW >:D
    Pillow: *cries* I don’t want to
    Me:*whispers to pillow*
    Pillow: *runs and grabs iPod and speaker*
    Me: *turns on music*
    pillow: AHH YEH BOII
    Pillow and me: *eats junk food loik freakin animals*
    Me: NAP TIME >;3
    Pillow: *screams*
    Me: *grabs pillow and lays head on it and naps*

  • This is creepy and cool playing hide and seek with a Demon I want to try this but I don’t want to die cuz there is too many rules which I don’t like and if I do play this I should buy a doll first and then ask my 5 friends to come over to play this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The only reason I can’t play this is because I get paranoid and cant help but look behind me.
    Sure I can play Teh Bath Game if I wanted to,
    but nah.
    not this.
    I’ll die.
    I’ll die in SOME way.
    The doll,suicide,my surroundings in the STUPID CLOSET,I WILL DIE.

  • one way to commit suicide!
    might make a mental note of this and if i ever (will most likely ) commit suicide here one way of doing it.

  • my friend had played this once and before he started he called me over and i arrived the game had started i saw the dool and had the knife i was thinking i shouldnt be the in house it missed me i ran out of the house and the next day i told him if he evan read what he shouldnt do he said no and i told him i got to the part when you wasnt aloud a friend in the house and you can but them in danger then i told him what happened soon as i got to his house i never talked to him again

  • oh my god are you serious? I cant believe u tried it actually oh boy Im really scare right now

  • A warning to all, do not play this game. I played it last summer and it worked… it worked far too well. I played it in a house I no longer live in and it was a small duplex. When I first started playing, I was ready for the inevitable failure of the game but I still followed all the rules. I started and I didn’t hear any footsteps or moving so I thought the game wasn’t working, so I went to go end the game and the doll wasn’t where I left it… I was scared so much I almost spit out the water but I didn’t. I went downstairs and I found the doll in the kitchen… it found two more knives and they were with the doll. I immediately ended the game and never played again. And I never told anyone about this experience until now. P;lease, don’t play this game! and if you do… God bless your soul and please follow the rules… its life or death.

  • Me: oh ok so this shouldent be to scary should it?
    Me afther read:…..oh….heck…nah……

  • IN ALL RITUALS INVOLVING SPIRITS, OR IN ANY PLACE THAT YOU KNOW HAS SPIRITS: never taunt a spirit or demon, especially calling it a mortal or a fool. But any taunt. NEVER EVER TAUNT A SPIRIT. They will be angered and insulted and may attack you. Especially spirits that are supposed to be hostile or punishing, like the ones in the Midnight Game, Dry Bones, this ritual,Satoru-kun (he can be harmful) even Kokkuri-san even though it’s generally safe.

  • We have read somewhere that in this game it is better to use pencil and other stuff instead of knife because it can be dangerous!! & we think you should include that in the instructions

  • Me: *Looks at title* This sounds cool!
    *after I finish reading*
    Me:*yells* Oh heck no! I am NOT doing this! I the hell would want to play hide and seek with an evil possessed doll?!? especially without knowing whether or not you will survive?

  • I have a lot of toys I could do it with if I wanted to but the 3 am hour scares me enough when I stay up that late I don’t sleep bc I get too scared one time when me and my sister stayed up that late we could hear running in our hallway

  • yeah…i’m not binding myself to a doll….what if when i die my soul flies into it! nah i’m good….though i’ve always thought of something like that…but definitely not what i want.
    my gosh that’s freakin’ awesome! sweet! this sounds like fun. haha

  • Haha, I did this and I did hear a “pitter-patter”! But I was so freaked out, I opened my door and it was my dog’s nails! I nearly had a heart attack. I went back in the room and didn’t hear anything afterwards.

  • to many things to do just to make a doll move, why not just put a battery on it and hide…. Sleeping with a doll when its brown out, is already a suicide to me :D by the way im 21.

  • Woahhoho duude…….. I hear noises all the time WEN I’m sleeping and it’s away too scary to play in my house alone •_•

  • DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! But here are some instructions on how to do it

    Scaryforkids says: Exactly. Don’t stand in the middle of a busy highway! But that’s where I put the cookies… :P

  • I FREAKING LOVE READING THIS!!! It’s fun to read this and freak out. It’s tempting to do though. C’MON!! BELIEVE!!!

  • ARRGGH I HATE DOLLS!!!! I will stick with Squirrly the stuffed squirrel thank you very much.
    Off topic, can you guys do me a solid and go back to the monkay dream story? I left a dream descrition there that I was thinking off convertting into a story if people liked it. Tell me what you think please.

  • omg new posts! :D hey guys~ i just signed up but ive read sfk since last year. and, seriously.. japanese really have those scary ritual

  • Finally, sfk posted this game! It’s so creepy, an I would bever play it, but it’s cool :0

  • I want to try it but how do you know it is true like I mean I do not believe in Doll Spirits??? Any how I am Number 5 (Lucky Number) :) Good Story keep the scaring up guys & girls ;)

  • I tried this, the dolls tiny feet were running were just too cute! Funny story, my mom won’t let me destroy the doll ( she thinks I’ve destroyed enough of my dolls) and I’m keeping it in my room! I did rip the head off though…..

  • this ritual sounds dangerous. One free advice- if u don’t find any mug filled with salt water in the dark, just pee on the doll. Maybe because it contains salt….

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