Haunted Stories

The best real haunted stories to read online about scary ghosts and creepy paranormal encounters. Each short tale features the haunting story of a famous haunted house, mansion, cemetery, school and other scary places.

Haunted Stories


  1. demonicspirit37 says

    Hey new here :) i am enjoying all of the crazy stories so far :) i thought i would share a story with u. A walk through the woods… A girl around the age of 16 decided she wanted to go for a walk through the woods behind her huge 3 story home, she packed a bag and set out on her adventure. She walked through the wooded area for about a minute or soall of a sudden she heard a lound bang she got creeped out but decided to finish her walk. Another minute goes by and she hears a clear voice saying “go back its dead here” she gets spooked but doesnt stop walking. Another minute goes by and she hears a deathly loud scream by that time she turns around to see 8’5 foot creature standing there with no eyes large claws and flesh hanging from its teeth, she trys to scream but the monster gobbled her up before she had a chance. Enjoy :)

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