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Donkey Lady

The Donkey Lady Bridge is a scary urban legend in San Antonio, Texas about a woman who was burned in a fire and went insane.

Donkey Lady

Anyone who has lived in San Antonio has heard the legend of the Donkey Lady. As the story goes, back in the fifties, a young woman had been in a fire that her husband started in their house. The woman lost two childen in that fire, and she was left horribly disfigured.

It was said that when she ran screaming from the house, she fell to the ground and her arms and legs were so badly burned that they snapped off, leaving her with blackened stumps for limbs. They looked like hooves. Her face was so scorched by the flames that it melted and her skin got drooped and baggy, making her look like a horse or a donkey.

Disfigured and totally insane, she stayed mostly in the rural areas, living under bridges and terrorized anyone who approached her home. She lurked in the dark woods near her home and pounced on unsuspecting victims.

All the children in the area heard the story and spent dark summer nights imagining exactly what she looked like.

One family, a father and two boys, were passing through San Antonio on a camping trip and made the mistake of stopping near Donkey Lady Bridge to set up their tents and do some fishing.

The group pulled up to a weed infested area off a dirt road and began to make camp. The two boys were unloading the pickup truck while the father found a suitable spot for the tent. While unloading the truck, one of the boys heard a rustling in the weeds nearby. He told his brother, who in turn called out to their father.

The three of them watched the tall weeds beneath the trees bend under the weight of what was apparently a large animal. Then they heard an odd snorting sound and heard hooves clomping on gravel. The three of them got scared and quickly threw the tent, sleeping bags, and gear into the back of their truck.

While packing up, the father spotted something out of the corner of his eye, as the weeds shook nearby. The thing hiding in the bushed seemed to be heading for the road, the only exit, as if it was trying to cut them off.

The father urgently shouted for the boys to get in the truck, fast. All three of them were in the truck in a flash and the father started it up. He put the truck in gear and was just pulling out onto the road when something large and black burst out of the weeds and landed right in front of them.

A second later, a horrible apparition bounded up onto their hood and began shrieking at them and pounding its hooves on the windshield, trying to break through the glass. It was the ugliest thing any of them had ever seen. They swore the wretched creature looked like a cross between a donkey and a human being.

The father floored the accelerator and the truck peeled out onto the road. The monstrous creature was thrown off the hood of the truck and into the ditch by the roadside. They said it almost looked like a wild animal with an incredible look of rage and hatred in its eyes. Without stopping to look back, they burned rubber and drove at high speed to the nearest police station.

Inside, the wide-eyed family told their story to the police. The police refused to believe them, of course, so the father demanded that they come outside and take a look at his truck.

The windshield was shattered and cracked in many places and the hood was scuffed, scraped and dented with deep hoof marks. The policeman was speechless and when he finally regained his composure, the only thing he could say was “Looks like you had a run-in with the Donkey Lady.”


  • This doesn’t help because last night I dreamt my parents had divorce and the father almost died…I’m gonna cry

  • The picture was scarier than the story…God, the picture. I just killed tonight’s sleep.

  • Mmmmmm….. I dont want to be negative but I think I would give a 5 out of 10 for this story….

    I really dont know what is happening in this.

  • So fake i whent to san antonio we explored the whole place we even got a map for all the bridges we explored all of them nothing…. + no body was even talking about it!!!

  • omg… them ppl nearly died. Their car destroyed. Their fun trip ruined. The nerves shattered. And all the police man did… WAS JOKE ABOUT IT!

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    cindy’s dog spike jumped out her hand and went down the basement stairs cindy stood on the edge of the stairs thats when candace came and pushed her. Poor cindy fell down and died. 7 years later candaces mum gave birth to another girl. now candace was 16 and her new sister jamie was 6 and spike was all grown up. After cindy’s death her parents kept candace away from jamie. Spike went downstairs and jamie followed. candace was peeking from the corner so she went behind jamie 2 look wats happnin. Jamie turned around and said “are u gonna push me down the stairs again sis”

  • Wait, if she survived the fire, I guess she still is alive, they said that happened in the fifties, and right now its 2012 so its like 60 years, well maybe she’s 80 right now she can still be alive I guess.

  • That’s real, and that’s freaky I mean imagine if that happened to you it’s scary for sure! I mean it’s also scary that it’s still alive!

  • I personally don’t think this is the scariest story on this site but it is a bit creepy describing the lady . I feel sorry for her that she was burned REALLY badly .:/

  • This is not the best story I’ve read, but I liked it.
    Wasn’t scary, in my opinion, but the description and picture of her are disturbing. Although, the picture kind of makes her look like “the fish lady” rather than “the donkey lady”..? x)

    @ sakura
    I don’t think this is lame. And jeez, correct your grammar. .-.

  • wow this is soooo lame i thought i was gonna get scared of this story but when i read th end i was like ok dat’s soo lame

  • to be honest, i didn’t like this story/legend. but it wasn’t the worst story i ever herd.

  • im REALLY glad that The Simpsons are starting in half an hour, cuz i need something to un-scare me from reading so many scary stories in one night. and fyi, its The Simpsons MOVIE! (which i have already watched, but this time theyre playing it on TV so i wanna watch it again)

  • We have the same thing here in MD but it’s the pig lady. Same fire story and everything.

  • NOT SCARY! i was looking for a better story do any of you guys know like a REALLY REALLY REALLY creepy scary horrory story on this site???

  • I live in san antonio, a friend of mine told me a story about the donkey lady and I could tell by her face and how scared she was that she wasnt lieing, she said her and a girlfriend were bored one night and thought it would be fun to drive over to the donkey lady bridge, they sat for a while chatting as nothing happened then suddenly their car turned off, she tried to start it but it was seemingly dead, their headlights and dashboard lights began blinking on and off furiously and their car started rolling back, as their car rolled back loud angry hoof stomping sounds were thrashing on the hood of their car, of course absolutely terrified they kept trying to start the car, then all in an instant the car started, stopped rolling and the hoof noises stopped and they drove away.

  • omg they have this story in quetmala its called the horse lady and when you see her walking on the streets you see her and then she comes up to you if your drunk and you puller her black long hair and then you freeze and then you cant move your paralized and then she takes you to her home in the forest under a little bridge and then she throws you under the bridge and then she hits you with her supposedly hooves!and then you die!

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