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Clown Doll

The Clown Doll is a scary urban legend about a little girl named Molly whose parents buy her a new doll as a present. This story is also known as “The Molly Dolly”, “Doll Fingers” and “Six Fingers”.

Clown Doll

There was a 7-year old girl named Molly who absolutely loved dolls. She collected every doll she could and displayed them on a shelf in her bedroom. She wasn’t doing very well in school, so her parents told her that if her grades improved, they would buy her a new doll as a reward.

Molly was motivated to try her best and, a few weeks later, her report card arrived from school. She had studied so hard that she managed to get straight As. Her mother and father were delighted and decided to make good on their promise.

The next morning, Molly’s mother brought her to the mall so they could go shopping for her gift. As they passed by the window of a second-hand toy store, the little girl grabbed her mother’s arm and asked if they could go inside.

When they entered the shop, the woman told her daughter she could choose any item she wanted, no matter what price it was. Molly wandered up and down the aisles of the dusty old toy shop until she eventually came to the doll section. On the top shelf, partially obscured by dusty old boxes, was something that immediately caught her eye.

It was a clown doll with red hair, yellow eyes and a big red nose. The clowns’s wizened face was twisted into a malicious grimace and it’s teeth were sharp and jagged. One of the clown’s gnarled hands was clenched in a fist, but the other was holding up three fingers.

Molly turned to her mother and squealed, “Mommy, this is the one I want!”

“Are you sure?” asked her mother incredulously. “But, it’s so ugly and creepy.”

The little girl nodded excitedly. “I want it I want it I want it!”

“Well alright then,” said her mother as she took the clown doll down from the shelf and brought it over to the counter.

The owner of the store took one look at the doll and said, “I’m sorry, Madam. That clown doll is not for sale.”

“What? Whyever not?” exclaimed the surprised woman.

The owner refused to answer.

The mother looked down and saw her daughter’s eyes welling up with tears. She began arguing with the shopkeeper and offered him more and more money but he kept refusing.

Eventually, she said, “I’ll pay you a hundred dollars!” and held out the money in front of him.

The owner’s eyes grew wide. He hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the moeny greedily and said, “OK, you can have it.”

He put the clown doll in a bag and gave it to the mother. As Molly and her mother walked out of the shop, the owner called out after them

“Just one thing,” he said. “Never leave your daughter alone with that doll.”

The mother and daughter didn’t pay any attention to him and left, happy with their purchase.

When they got home, Molly immediately rushed into the living room. The girl was overjoyed with her present and spent the rest of the day playing happily with her clown doll while her mother watched television. As the little girl played with the doll, she wondered why it was holding up three fingers.

Later that night, when Molly went to bed, she placed the doll on the top shelf in her bedroom. Her mother kissed her goodnight and shut the bedroom door.

Bright and early the next morning, the mother was cooking breakfast and called out to Molly to wake her up. When she didn’t receive an answer after calling her for the third time, the mother began to get worried. She decided to go upstairs and get her daughter out of bed.

When she walked into Molly’s bedroom, she was horrified to find her daughter lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Her throat had been sliced open and her eyes had been poked out. There was a sharp knife embedded in her chest.

For a few moments, Molly’s mother began couldn’t believe what she was seeing. But when she looked down and saw the clown doll sitting beside her daughter’s mutilated body, she began screaming in horror. The clown doll was holding up four fingers.


  • why would she want an ugly, creepy clown doll out of all the cute animal dolls? clowns are creepy as hell. i think i might have coulrophobia after reading all these clown stories😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • I am terrified of clowns and out of every doll in the store she had to pick the creepy and ugly one… I’ve read this story before also known as six fingers or seven fingers… The mom should have listened and shouldn’t have left the doll alone with her daughter… Even tho she had to go to sleep the mother should have but it in the garage or somewhere else other than her daughters room…. Also the doll was holding up fingers for every murder he did.

  • The fingers represent the deaths the clown caused. I hate clownihbkhgiygjtdhtdjugjyfhtfjtfutf-help-jug judging,ijygrsgrfkuhkjyghtfuygkuhkh-me- the clown kygkhgkuhkj

  • My mom had a huge clown collection, I mean like at 200, and all different kinds. I told her that clowns were based on mimes, ( there white faces were supposed to represent death if you look up their origin) and that mimes are evil. My mom who is extremely religious, looked it up and the next day she got rid of every single one of them, I am Sooo happy…..I truly, truly HATE CLOWNS!!!!!

  • I knew it from the part where the clerk refused to sell it to them that he would kill her and hold up 4 fingers

  • All of my clown dolls love me.πŸ˜‰ I buy them when they have rips, holes, chipping paint and whatnot. I patch them up, name them, and add them to what I call my “Rescue collection.” I have other dolls like that too, not just clowns.

  • SUCH a rip off!!1 ive heard this before but with a realnice wood doll with a balck dress and the dollstuck nails in her joints when she didnt play with the doll. sorry for giving nightmares about that old porcelain doll in the closet :]

  • So the doll’s fingers will keep on increasing according to the murders

  • @BloodyKillers I hate them too e.e
    Once I was with my family n there was a clown giving away free balloons n I stared at him then refused to accept anything from him or it O.O

  • I agree with ghost freak! This is one of the most favorite sites of mine! THANK YOU SCARYFOR KIDS FOR BEING WID US ;)

  • There was some clown tale that came on tv in the early 80’s. It was about 30 minutes. A little girl was having her 8th birthday party outside in the front of her house. A van pulled up and a creepy looking clown got out. He beckoned her over to him with an evil smirk. She ran over to him and he handed her a birthday gift.

    It was a jack-in-the-box clown figure. It looked someone like him. He told her to make a wish whenever she was afraid and the toy would make her wish come true.

    The next night, her parents were going on and called the neighborhood baysitter over to watch her. The little girls pled with her parents not to leave her alone with the babysitter. Her mother told her that she was a big girl and should be used to being babysat by now. The mother also told her she usually had fun with the babysitter. The little girl told her mother that this was not the case and further pleaded with her to stay home.

    The parents disregarded the little girls wishes and went out anyway. The minute they left, the babysitter turned out the all lights from the fuse box and grabbed a huge butcher knife from the kitchen. She attempted to scare the little girl as she had done on other occasions while left alone with her.

    The little girl hid upstairs in her closet as she cried and plead for the babysitter to stop this game and turn the lights back on. The heartless babysitter relentlessy ignored her requests and continued trying to scare her.

    The little girl suddenly remembered the clowns words about her favorite birthday present. Still in the dark, the little gairl came out of the closet and located the jack-in-the-box. She closed her wet eyes and nervously made her wish. The babysitter slowly approached the stairs as she noticed a dark figure hovering over her shoulder. The little girl sudddenly heard a loud, shrill scream emerge from the downstairs living room.

    A little while later, the girls parents returned from their date puzzled, questioning why all the lights were out. They also questoned the whereabouts of the babysitter. The little girl explained that the baysitter had been “trying to scare her”.

    The next day, a newspaper article read that a babysitter had mysteriously disappered while babysitting an eight year old girl. Her whereabouts had still not been determined. The little grilr was quite content and her parents decided not to leave her alone again anytime soon. She’d received her wish. Wish I could remember what it was called.

  • This is like some story on this website with some kid who finds a pic of some girl and the the girl on the pic meets him and kills him by getting a truck to hit him and held up 3 instead of 2….

  • It’s holding up four fingers because it’s counting how many people it killed, and I hate clowns and dolls too.

  • About a week ago my nan brought in a creepy looking clown thingy for a Halloween decoration and I started getting severly scared and said “PLEASE! Get that out of the house TODAY!” Luckily it was gone when I came back from tutoring that day. My fear of clowns is apparently back after that incident.

  • in all these stories that involve items that arent for sale… WHY DOES THE SHOPKEEPER PUT IT OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

  • @dont take me serously: he was holding up 4 fingers because he killed 4 people.
    *(But I dont know if I should take you serously because of your username -.-)*

  • Blah blah blah… little girl… blah blah blah blah blah… evil clown… blah blah… kills girl… blah blah… possessed by the devil…
    I didn’t have to read it to know what is going on. Cliche. VERY cliche.

  • OMG! this reminds me of a story my cousin was telling me then something like this happend to my little cousin ivy or ivey? oh well but what happend was that her mom got her a doll and ivy was scared of it she hated it she would always throw it out of her room and it ended up back in there anyways but everything u pulled the dolls string it would say 13 and no one knew y but ivy couldnt take it anymore she took out the battery’s and threw it out her room again it ended up in there and said 13 but sooner or later her mom got rid of it before anything happend to her and i think thats all that happend they live in a differnt city from us so ivisit them every now and then and thats when they told me wat had hapend:o thank god they got rid of it

  • This is a pretty creepy story and the picture is pretty creepy too. But there are so many stories now about the killer holding up their fingers for the number of kills they made that it is starting to become predictable.

    I used to have a clown doll in my room. I can’t remember what it looked like but I remember that it was sitting on a swing which hung from the ceiling at the foot of my bed. It was never scary though. I loved that cown. :)

  • why does the psycotic killer doll always have to have fingers. buy a doll w/ no fingers or cut the fingers off and problem solved becuz they can’t hold anything

  • I am so proud of you scary for kids you have made me so happy to always read scary story after scary story this website is my most visited and cant wait for Halloween .By the way on the week of Halloween you should have a list of some of your favorite stories on this site and we will vote on the top 20 or so .And also you should have this thing on the site where we tell our own experiences with the paranormal because i have a lot of stories to share on my experineces.

    Scaryforkids says: Thanks Ghostfreak. That’s a good idea. I must do that in the future.

  • ive read the exact story somewhere else. this is called, PLAGERISIM!

    Scaryforkids says: You’ve also heard the “babysitter” and the man upstairs before… and the killer with “the hook” hand… and the “choking dog” etc etc They’re Urban Legends… nobody actually wrote them… they are folklore, passed on by word of mouth.

  • Good story! Hm… But I read this in tell me your story, too…

    Scaryforkids says: Hey bloodrose, yes it’s one of the most common urban legends among kids, so I’m sure a lot of people have heard versions of it before. BTW I’m hoping to post a lot more stories in the run up to Halloween… I’ve got a list of 40 stories in front of me and most of them I’m sure u havent heard before… I’ve posted 4 so far… So I will try and get as many of them as I can finished and posted during October

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