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Click Clack

Click Clack Slide is a scary urban legend about the ghost of a woman whose legs were cut off in a fatal car accident. It is also known as “Click Click Drag”, “Click Click Slide” and “Chick Chick Boom”.

Click Clack Slide

One day, a mother took her son and daughter shopping at the local mall. On their way home, they had to drive cross the railroad tracks. While they were crossing the railroad tracks, the car got stuck and suddenly, they saw a train coming in the distance. The mother started freaking out and was still struggling to get off the tracks, when the train ploughed straight into her car.

Police were searching through the wreckage and found the dead bodies of the two children. They also came across the severed legs of an adult woman, but the mother’s top half was never found.

Shortly afterwards, a series of horrible murders occurred in the small town. All of the victims were children. In the schoolyards, rumors began to spread among the kids about a monster they called “Click Clack”. They said it was the ghost of a woman who had no legs. According to the story, she had really long fingernails amd used them to drag herself around. Her name came from the click-clack sound her nails made as she was chasing you.

The children warned each other to stay indoors after dark. According to the legend, Click Clack would stalk the streets after 6:00 PM, looking for children to kill. When she caught them, she would tear them in half. Soon, every child in town knew the legend of Click Clack and made sure to lock all the doors and windows in their houses in the evening.

One day, a girl was playing in the backyard, when her mother came out and told her to go to the shop and buy 3 bottles of milk. The girl went on the errand and carefully planned to get back home before 6 PM because she had heard that was the time when Click Clack came out. When she reached the local shop, the girl discovered that they were out of milk. She had to go to several shops before she could find three bottles of milk to buy.

On the way home, the girl looked at her watch. The time was 5:52 PM. She looked around and saw parents hurriedly calling their children indoors and nervously locking their windows and front doors. She started running and had almost reached her street, when she heard a strange noise.

Click Clack Slide, Click Click Drag, Click Clack Slide.

She turned around, but the street was empty. She increased her pace, but the strange noise seemed to follow her.

Click Clack Drag, Click Click Slide, Click Clack Drag.

She ran as fast as she could until she finally reached her house. She started pounding on the front door.

The girl’s mom had fallen asleep and the door was locked and the curtains were closed. All of a sudden, the pounding stopped.

A few minutes later, the mother woke up and went to the front door. When she opened it, she looked down and screamed at the sight. Written in the doorstep in blood were the words, “Mom, why didn’t you open the door?”

The girl was never seen again.


  • When i first saw the pic i was like “oh god”. That ugly chick is creep as hell. by the way, WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP WHEN YOUR CHILD IS OUTSIDE WHEN ITS ABOUT 6? SHOULD YOU BE GOING OUTSIDE LOOKING FOR HER?

  • This is so scary! I like this version better. And why would the mum fall asleep when her daughter isn’t back?


  • One thing I needed to ask however, is the creature after legs, or just unleashing it’s wrath on any child it can find?

    And how come the creature is still able to survive if it was chopped off at torso? Wouldn’t it bleed to death?

  • I’m from India, but we don’t have any version of “tek tek” or “click clack”. :'( . However, she/ he/ this creature/ ghost/ whatever would have a wonderful career in India. And it may help in population control too. :D
    We do however have a wide range of ghosts, and such creatures. I’ll post about the stories I know in ” your story” section once I’m done reading each and every story on this site.

  • Can you imagine an idiot with long nails just lying on the floor cause he has no legs. And he is screaming:
    “Oh im gonna get ya!”

  • These kinda Stories Make me wanna stay out after the time and see if it’s true!! I’m out tonight at 6:30pm to go to my friends if I don’t come back it’s true….

  • How could the mom have fallen asleep when her daughter was out with some lady who is said to come out late.

  • I don’t think she could catch me I mean shes dragging and I could just run off btw if I saw a train while my car was on train tracks and stuck I would quickly get out of my car and walk away.

  • last!!!! lol i thought this story is the best out of the rest of the halloween 1’s. good 4 whoeva submitted it it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that scary thers a stoy iv aloso hered and its simalar to dis but in the i hered she comes at 12:00 and hants the childern who arent in their bed!!!

  • This is scary! My apple! My orange! My banana! GRAABB ME! GRAABB MEE! HOLD MY ARMS! HOLD MY LEGS! HOLD MY HOLD IT HOLD IT HOLD IT!! 8)

  • I was at a wedding, and after it i was walking and i heard click clack. It sounded really close, so i was safe!

  • This is pretty much exactly like Teketeke, just changed a tiny bit, I guess it’s a different version.

  • HI!! im new, although i come on this website atleast once a day… Anyway, if I had a pretty creepy list, I’m pretty sure this would rank pretty high

  • This is pretty creepy. Though I’m not sure why she would kill children if her own children were killed.

  • Wow, creepy story, but I can’t understand why the ghost of the lady would hurt innocent children…


  • About the story, kind of questioning how the mother did not wait for the child to return home, considering the numerous amounts of murders of childeren that occured.

  • @Julissa it’s said to be an urban legend but with all the creepy stuff in Japan I think it’s real xD

  • @SFK can I suggest a catagory here. It’s called evil kids that could have murderers such as barry dale loukaitis (sorry if I spelled his last name wrong.)and other kids that killed or made up stories.

  • IOHMIGOSH o.o yesterday I played the midnight game e.e with my friend,Esther. And it was so scary (Esther’s realitives are in mental hospitals,well most of them) so she began screaming saying there’s a man following her and whispering in her ear. I shat Brix. Her candle got blown out it, was too late to lit it again , and she didn’t know how to make a circle of salt within seconds so she basically was all (f*** it) and began hallucinating when ever I tried to help her she would go, “GET OFFF ME YOU KAT!!YOU PROBABLY STOLE RINS LIFE (names Katrin just in case xD) LYKE OH EMM GEEE WHAT THE HELL THEY’LL EAT YOU WITH MELTED BUTTER!!”
    Soo I survived xD and calmed her down for little bit. So she screamed in her usual voice and not hysterically c: moral: never play the midnight game or a japanese game. Or anything causing ouija boards to snap at you. C:
    German word of the day:
    Meaning:Corpse or Carcass XD

  • i saw the teke teke pictures…*shiver* xD why kill kids tho? just because your kid died doesnt mean you can kill everyone elses XD

  • Okay I wish SFK installed a chat box or something because we’re just having random conversations in the comments area xD
    Even though the movie sounds gory I definitely want to watch it. Is it english or german? (or do they not talk at all…lol)

  • So it’s basically a girl who works as a … (She uses her body to earn money xDD) One night she was standing in the streets when a huge black van pulls up. A man grabs her and knocks her out. The lady wakes up and finds herself tied in a star like form against the walls. All around her we’re her realitives heads . Their bodies are sprawled on the floor being eaten by groups of homeless people. Then two women enter the room with video cameras their faces weren’t shown xD. The same man who grabbed her comes and begins to torture her by using a gag ball, a razor, a rope, and some other weapon. Then he (uses xDD) her and finishes her off by engraving völlig meaning dead owo. The movie ends by throwing the now dead woman into a freezer of other women with the same engravement. xD so long

  • Guys, this site is absolutely wonderful and SFK is a great person who has dedicated his time to give us entertainment and write these stories. I love this site for a reason. that reason is that this site doesn’t have flamewars in the comments. Don’t become like YouTube. The people who are saying people should stop writing FIRST are wrong because not everybody is mature and responsible like you. The people saying FIRST are also wrong because they are disrespecting SFK. please don’t make this site a bad place to be on. Stop Fighting

  • This is like another story i read on this website… They were both ladies who had no legs and they both stalked children who like wander the streets or children who stay out….

  • Yep, I’ve read another longer version of this story. You know, if more detail was written and it built up the tension and desperation of the girl trying to get home and safe, it could be a real chiller.

    Scary For Kids, you don’t have a forum for the site, do you? It would be a great way to post our original stories and get help with it, before it was posted officially for people to read on the site. Some are just not well done and need work, but it’s up for all to see and can’t be edited. We could also post links to stories that we want to see up here and those that scared the heck out of us. There’s several creepy pasta’s that just chilled me to the bone and wouldn’t leave my head. And other discussions like our favorites scary movies wouldn’t clutter the comments section… like I am doing right now. Lol

    The only movie that has ever scared me is Jeepers Creepers. The song playing, whenever the killer is close, is chilling and what happened to the brother at the end. But I LOVE the sequel! A bunch of teens stuck on a bus in the middle of nowhere, with a man-eat creature after their body parts.

    Movies like Friday The 13th, Elmstreet and Halloween were just amusing and entertaining.

    I’ll tell you the title of an old movie that did scare the hell out of me when I was a kid! Bloodbath At The House Of Death. Dad watched it in front of me and yes it’s a comedy horror, but not to a child! I was haunted for years by a guy getting killed by his teddy bear. >< Not to mention all the other creative deaths. Would totally recommend those three movies above if you want a scare. But the third might not do anything for you, if you're an adult.

    Oh, and the original of The Woman In Black, is supposed to be one of the scariest movies ever filmed. Not the remake. Hey, can anyone recommend some scary movies with twist endings?

  • I would love to speak to SFK in person or even chat with her personally on line would be awesome because they are awesome they write the best adicting stories and make SFK safe this is the best website ever I hope you are reading this SFK because i think you should feel proud:D

  • I LOVE this story. But I heard a different one. Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY 13 EVERYONE!!!!!!

  • In my country theres another version of this called kik-kik. I guess there’s versions of teke teke and click clack in every country

  • Yeah, Teke-Teke and Click Clack are similar stories. Teke-Teke takes place in Japan, though.

  • WAIT…isnt tek tek and click clack are the same stories? i just finished reading tek tek 20 mins ago…wow…concedence. happy friday 13th though admin of this website and the people here:D

  • I am soooooo sick of the 1st 2nd 3rd comments…. and the people who spam comments and promote themselves or their youtubes….. PLZ STOP… Anyway…Happy Friday the 13th! I’ve been meaning to post this urban legend for a long long time, and this version is not the finished one. The real Click Clack urban legend is longer and has a different ending. So later on, I will change this and rewrite it. In the real ending, the girl doesn’t come back from the shop and the girls father goes to find her, then the girls mother goes to find her…. then at the end, someone sees a woman walk out of the shop.. walking awkwardly on her new legs….

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