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Clawfoot Bathtub

The Clawfoot Bathtub is a short scary story about a young girl who is afraid that something evil is lurking in her bathroom.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Ever since her parents bought the clawfoot bathtub, Janey had felt ill at ease when she went to the toilet. Her father said it was a vintage Victorian tub, but she suspected he had just gotten it cheap from an old antique store. Almost everything they owned was used. Her father could never resist a discount.

Something about the antique bath bothered her. Perhaps it was the dark, ugly reddish-brown stains on the porcelain. Maybe it was the way the gnarled cast-iron legs of the bath jutted out at an odd angle. They looked like the paws of some monstrous, misshapen beast. Sometimes she imagined the bathtub suddenly standing up and scuttling out of the bathroom while her back was turned.

Janey was almost 13 years old, but her mother still treated her like a child, telling her when to get up, when to do her homework, when she could watch TV and when she had to go to bed.

Her parents seemed to argue constantly about everything. Even the slightest thing would spark a feud that lasted for hours. She couldn’t remember a time when there had been peace and quiet in the house. All day long, her mother and father would be at eachother’s throats, having argument after argument.

Often, at night, when her parents were yelling and screaming, Janey would put a pillow over her head to block out the noise and cry herself to sleep. With all the chaos at home, the young girl sometimes felt as if she was losing her mind.

Lately, she had begun to doubt her sanity more and more. Every time she went into the bathroom to take a shower or brush her teeth, she would see things out of the corner of her eye. Reflected in the mirror, she could see the clawfoot bathtub behind her.

Once, she thought she saw blood running out of the faucet. But when she turned to look, the taps weren’t running. On another occasion, she fancied she saw some dark, shadowy shape lying in the tub, its head barely peeking over the side. Of course, she spun around, her heart facing with fear, but the clawfoot bathtub was empty.

Whenever she undressed and stepped into the tub to take a shower, she had the strangest sensation that she was being watched. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she felt like someone was staring at her naked body.

One night, while she was taking a shower, she dropped the soap. As she bent down to pick it up from the bottom of the tub, she lost her balance and fell backwards. Suddenly, it felt as if hands were grabbing her and holding her under the water.

The terrified girl kicked and struggled, eventually freeing herself from the invisible paws that seemed to clutch tightly at her skin. Spluttering and gasping for air, she thought she could hear faint laughter echoing around the small bathroom.

In the morning, she decided to pay a visit to the local antique shop where her father had purchased the clawfoot bathtub. When she asked the owner about the vintage bath he had sold a few days before, she was shocked by the horrifying tale he had to tell.

Apparently, the old clawfoot bathtub dated back to the Victorian era. The man said that it had once belonged to an infamous and reviled serial killer named George Haigh. Janey’s jaw dropped and she began to shake with fear.

The man said that the serial killer would lure young girls back to his house and run a bath for them. Then, while they bathed, he would spy on them through a hole he had drilled in the wall. When they least expected it, he would pounce on them and hold their heads underwater until they drowned.

The evil murderer then chopped up their bodies with an axe and disposed of the pieces in the garbage. After a number of young girls went missing in the area, his terrible deeds finally caught up with him.

A neighbor was snooping through his trash when she came across the grisly remains and contacted the police. They arrested him and put him on trial. He was found guilty and executed by hanging.

Janey was terrified beyond belief. She realized that she had to convince her parents to get rid of the clawfoot bathtub before something horrible happened. The young girl ran back to her house as fast as her legs would carry her.

When she got home, she found her father sitting alone on the living-room sofa. The TV was off and the house was deathly quiet.

“Where’s Mom?”, asked Janey.

“She’s upstairs taking a bath”, said her father. “I’ll go check on her”.

Janey sat on the sofa while her father went upstairs. The house was so quiet, it unnerved her. She wasn’t used to this much silence. Suddenly, she heard a series of short sharp clunks coming from upstairs followed by slow, deliberate footsteps that echoed across the ceiling and traveled down the stairs.

Her father appeared at the door to the living room. His eyes were glazed and he had an odd look on his face. Then, she noticed he was holding a bloody axe.

“Your mother’s finished”, he growled. “Now it’s your turn to take a bath”.


  • I wasn’t expecting the ending, but it was a surprise. I thought he’d get possessed (if that’s not the case), and I’m guessing Janey got killed?? Anyways, 7 outta 10 clawfoot bathtubs :))

  • I didn’t want to let my dog outside to go because of all of this scary… I totally was not expecting that

  • I remember reading a story really similar to this in a book once. I don’t think the girl’s name was Janey and it was longer and had more detail but the plot is pretty much the same. Nice story

  • Scary story! Wasn’t expecting the father to kill the mother. 6/10 rainbows. Lol as I was reading this, a pop up ad for a walk in bathtub came up XDXDXD

  • @everdeen2449 sorry to ruin your happy moment, but it isnt “he don’t like Janey” It’s “He doesn’t like Janey.” I like correcting people’s literature, lol!

  • im creeped out now . . . HES REAL!!! TYPE UP JOHN GEORGE HAIGH!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!!! I need a bath now, bye! (I really do)


  • i think i know what happened… The mom and dad fight all the time… dad buys bathtub and the guy at the store tells him of the murderous history of the tub… daddy gets inspiration for settling the fights with mommy. and apparently he just don’t like Janey. I FEEL SO SMART RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  • OMG I have a clawfoot bathtub upstairs wait what was that scream oh its fine my dads coming wait thats not my dad…….. why is he carrying a bloody axe aaaaahhhhhh!

  • am i the only one who saw the eyes on the bathtub in the pic? i dont want to be 0-o

  • DEAD scary you like moxie girls? Me too lol. Btw I’m not scared of my bath it doesn’t have legs xD

  • i have a book called the complete horrorwitz and the very first story is simialir to this one except the new tub they bought from the old antigue shop had been jack the rippers and when the girls father sat in it one night (her mother and father would always fight) he said i need a nice victiorian axe and then ill start with my wife..and then my daughter and then everyone…..omg btw jack thw ripper in this story had a victorian axe and lured girls and then spied on the girls as they would bathe then drown them…and then he would chop them up and take their organs out….O-O jack the ripper is creepy

  • ok the dad was holding the axe because he was possessed by the killer.. simple as that.. for those of you who didnt get the story.. i thought it was a good one

  • it makes no sense thats that!

    1. the dad wuz the creeper in the first place

    2. he just copied the other creep with in the tub

    wait.. wait what!?
    the guy wuz hung!! how did he get back to the tub!!??!!

  • i dont understand this at all. how come the dad is holding an axe? hes not that george guy!!! this makes zero sense and its stupid somebody PLEASE comment and explain this to me in a way that actualy makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my bathtub is attached to the wall too!! :) so now im happy cuz my dad is not a perverted guy that spies on young girls, he does not argue with mom so much, he loves me and he can’t buy a new bathtub unless he breaks this one off the wall :)

  • this story reminds me of Anthony Horowitz’s:”Bath Night”. did u guys steal the idea from his book of scary stories?? i mean, the story is not really the same, but its very similar.

  • OMG! i am freaked out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!! I ain’t taking a bath again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    Lol soz just HAD to do that ^.^



    I’ll just stick to me shower O.o

  • i have actually heard this before and my grandma actually has a tub like tht so i never take showers there now.

  • Dude, the story is Absolutely real, there is this guy called John George Haigh, he’s a person who they call the “acid bath” murderer, and just like the story, he was sentenced to death by hanging on 10 August 1949 !!!
    THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!

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