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The Boyfriend is a scary urban legend about a young couple who go driving at night and wind up running out of gas in a remote area.


A girl and her boyfriend were driving at night down an isolated country road. As they drove, the night seemed to get darker and darker. Eventually, they lost their way and found themselves driving through a densely wooded area that neither of them recognized.

Suddenly, the car started spluttering and stalled. The boyfriend looked at the guage and realized they had run out of gas. No matter how many times he turned the key, the engine just wouldn’t start.

The girlfriend began to panic because it was after midnight and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t get home.

The boyfriend got out of the car and took a look around. They were in a secluded and wooded area. All he could see were trees. There seemed to be no houses for miles around. They were completely alone.

The girlfriend was spooked and kept asking the boy to do something. He told her he would have to walk back to the main highway and get help.

The boyfriend could see that his fiance was scared so he told her not to worry, he would return as fast as he could. But the girl could see the concern in his face.

Kissing her goodbye, he told her to roll up the windows and lock the doors. Then he set out walking down the road. The girl watched as her boyfriend Got further and further away and finally disappeared into the darkness.

Hours passed and the girl sat shivering in the car, fearful of every shadow she saw and every noise she heard. She began to feel like her boyfriend was never coming back.

Suddenly, she heard a loud tapping noise on the roof of the car.

Tap, tap, tap.

She began to panic but was too terrified to get out and investigate. She kept trying to peer out the windows, but it was too dark to see anything.

Tap, tap, tap.

The tapping noise seemed to go on and on. The girl was scared to death but there was nothing she could do.

Tap, tap, tap.

She was forced to remain huddled in the car, all night long, listening to the weird tapping sound. Eventually, she managed to fall asleep.

When she woke up and looked at her watch, it was 9AM but when she tried to look out of the car windows, everything was completely black. She couldn’t understand what was going on.

Suddenly, she heard a car pull up nearby and it honked it’s horn three times. Then she heard a voice shouting “This is the police. Is there anyone in the car?”

The girlfriend sighed with relief. “Just me”, she cried. “My boyfriend left me here alone and never came back.”

“OK. Stay calm”, said the policeman. “Listen to me very carefully. Open the door, get out of the car and walk towards me. Whatever you do, don’t look behind you.”

The girl obeyed the policeman’s orders. Even though her hands were shaking and her mind was racing, she opened the car door and stepped out.

“Now walk towards me”, said the policeman, “and don’t look behind you.”

The girl began walking slowly towards the policeman but suddenly she stopped in her tracks.

“Don’t look behind you!” shouted the policeman.

But it was too late. The girl couldn’t help herself. She turned around and began screaming in horror.

Her boyfriend’s dead body was hanging upside-down from a tree branch over the car. His head had been chopped off and blood was dripping down from his neck, completely covering the car windows.


  • @ScaryRachel446 how old r u??? Anyway, that’s just creepy. Once my friend told me a story similar to this one

  • Why am i so addicted to this site. i am now going to have terrible nightmares. i blame my friends for showing me this site :P

  • Why didn’t they just stay in the car ? If they just stayed in and waited for the police, the bf would still be alive…COMMON SENSE !!!

  • Oh my god I’m sick of these stories… Always the same thing someone gets killed and their blood is doing things. srsly. …

  • Hey, we are stranded in an isolated unknown place, let me get some help by walking alone in the DARK. Problem???

    But I don’t understand why there is an insane killer in the middle of nowhere, and the killer actually has the strength to carry the body and hang it on a tree.. perhaps, there are many killers invloved?? Now that’s the real horror… killers on the loose!

  • I saw this once in a horror movie. Can’t really remember the name but it went somewhat like ‘Karak’.

  • @taymaster that was the story about the dad that leaves his daughter in the car by herself while he gets help btw these are getting boring it needs waaayyyyyyyyyyyy more suspense

  • I don’t know if this is really the same version… But the boyfriends car stopped and he said he’ll go get help. The girl stayed inside and she was frightened. Hours passed and the boy didn’t return. A few hours later, a man came carrying her boyfriend from his head and it was twisted. He slowly lifted up the car keys and smiled.

  • i heard a pakistani version of the sory

    but they were husband and wife husband was a docter here car stoped in woods and a mental patint escaped from the mental house and killed the husband and was tapping his chooped head on the rrof of the car the wfie called the police and the was same a this story now the wfie is mental and is beggeng for just 1 r if someone give her more she gets angry as she was rich sheis mental

    by the way nice story 423/423

  • I’ve Heard This In Another Way, Very Similar. It Was Called “Knock… Knock… Knock…” I Forget What The Boy’s Name Was, But The Girl’s Name Was Nikki, And Her And Boyfriend Were Going To A Party, And They Were Taking His Old Beat Up Car. On The Radio, They Heard About A Killer Was On The Loose. While Their On A Mountain Road, The Car Runs Out Of Gas. The Boyfriend Goes To See If He Can Find A Gas Station. He Said For Nikki To Lie Low, And That He Would Slowly, 3 Times, Knock On The Car Slowly. A Few Minutes Later, She Hears A Knock. She Prays For Another One, And There Is. The Is Finally A Third One, But Then, Slowly, It Kept Repeating. She Thought That It Was The Killer, Beating On The Car Like It Was A Punching Bag. She Calls The Police, And Moments Later, They Arive. The Policeman Tells Nikki To Step Out, And Not To Look Up. But She Becomes Curious, And Glanses Up Above The Car. Hanging In The Tree, Was Her Boyfriends’ Mangled Body, And His Shoe Hanged Low, Slowly Knocking On The Roof.

    It’s Weird How People Change Stories, Isn’t It?

  • @superspooks blood is red, but if it was completely covering a surface it would be dark, and the tapping sound was the blood dripping, and the policeman was probably doing his rounds. My question is, why didn’t they just call someone?

  • why did the girl look back anyway hmm?
    her fault
    and what kinda boy is brave enough to start roaming in the middle of nowhere at night?
    and i thought blood was red???
    and how did the policemen manage 2 find the girl?
    and where was the tapping sound coming from?
    toooooo many questions lol

  • If me and my Bf where in that situation I would make him stay in the car with me until it was morning or at least somewhat daylight NOT go out alone past midnight i mean who would do that? Not me and either way it cost him his life sooo

  • gross! I hate stories like this that are just gross. Plus I agree with xojenna18 because there is so not enough blood in a body to do that!

  • How could the blood cover all the windows?? even the windsheild, he dont have THAT much blood in his body..dumbasses-__-

  • i was telling this to my family last night out in the mountains and right in the middle of it a huge black bear came wandering through our camp site. i never seen some of my family run faster lol. i did not get a chance to finish it though so that sucked. great story

  • I’ve heard a different story where they go to a gas station and hear about a crazed murderer on the radio and the tapping is scratching from the murderer’s fingernails. But, no one dies.

  • i heard that the thing that made the tap, tap, tap was her boyfriend hitting the car with his dead body.

  • The end should have went just as police were called the crazed killer killed the woman

  • I think there should’ve been some monster or something that would only attack her if she looked back at it …. But then again the police were looking at it so it would’ve killed them DX …

  • Also, I thought the tap tap tap was like the boyfriend warning her…without a head…actually,it was his blood!

  • pinkKaygana Actually, I think it shows the boyfriend saying “Bye! Don’t worry! I’ll be back soon!”

  • the pic is kinda stupid, though. they should have put a pick of some dead guy dripping blood, not of some guy staring at whatever he’s staring at, thinking he’s “hot” stuff. that just doesn’t got nothing to do with the story!

  • This is so scary, we read the one about ”White Death” Me and my bff Amy are scared Ah!

  • wow scary i heard a story some how like this but the bf had been dead hanging over by the shower…

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