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Blind Maiden

Blind Maiden is a scary urban legend from Spain about a bizarre website that offers you the ultimate horror experience. Unfortunately, the experience can prove to be lethal.

Blind Maiden

There is a new urban legend that has been circulating in schools all over Spain. In whispers and rumors, people are talking about a strange website called “The Blind Maiden”. This legend is almost totally unknown outside of Spain. It was brought to my attention by a Spanish friend of mine.

They say that most of the time, the website is offline and you cannot access it, no matter how hard you try. However, according to the rumor, there are three rules you must obey in order to access the website.

1. You must be all alone.

2. You must turn off all the lights in your house.

3. You must go to the website at exactly midnight on a moonless night.

If you satisfy all of these conditions, you will apparently be granted access to The Blind Maiden site.

Once inside, your eyes will immediately be assailed by a never-ending montage of shocking of screaming faces. The pictures are of boys and girls, their faces are twisted in tremendous fear, their mouths frozen in a silent scream. Their eyes are missing. The pictures are displayed quickly, flashing up onscreen one after the other, with no explanation.

According to the legend, some lines of Spanish text will appear on the screen. Roughly translated, the text reads something like this:

“This website will take you to a whole new level of horror. A horror that will use all five of your senses. You must be very careful not to click on anything by accident. You will be faced with a real experience of absolute horror. Click the accept button to engage actively in the experience.”

Below the text are two buttons, “Accept” and “Decline”.

At this point you’ll probably be very curious. You’ll probably find yourself tempted to click the “Accept” button. Don’t. If you accept the challenge you will only be taking your life in your hands. Click “Decline” and stay safe.

This is what is supposed to happen if you click the button and accept the challenge:

To your surprise and horror, you observe on your monitor a sinister silhouette walking… towards your own home! You want to wake up. You want this to just be a nightmare. You watch as the spectre approaches and enters the same room where you are sitting… You will see, on your monitor, your own back … Then you will feel a presence behind you… You will feel a tap on your shoulder… The last thing you see before you die will be the face of the blind maiden, staring mercilessly at you with her horrible eyes…

According to what I’ve been able to research, they say the blind maiden will rip out your eyes and take a snapshot of your face so that you will forever be a part of the website’s picture gallery.

Are you willing to take the risk. The choice is yours…

As I said earlier, I found out about the Blind Maiden website from a friend of mine who lives in Spain. I don’t know whether or not this urban legend is true. As far as I know, the legend is currently unknown outside of Spain. Honestly, I have not yet attempted to find the website. Yes, I admit it. I am too afraid… but I will pass the challenge on to you. Do you dare to check? Is the urban legend true or false? Simply a harmless collection of images and web pages, or a horrible reality?

Here is a rough English translation of a comment from a Spanish boy who claims to have accessed the Website:

“Blind Maiden or La doncella ciega or El ciego de soltera. Whatever you want to call it, this urban legend is real and I almost suffered the consequences of messing with that crazy site. The story is that there is a webpage which you can only enter if you are totally alone, with all the lights off in your home at exactly midnight. After that, whatever you do, don’t click where it says “Accept the challenge” because when you do this you will die… probably within minutes. I didn’t take this advice. I did the opposite and totally accepted the challenge. Right at that moment I clicked the button, everything I saw on the screen became so real. I saw a shadow walking towards a place that seemed to be my home and I saw it walk to where I was. Paralyzed by fear, I could not move a muscle. Then it came to the door and began to open it. Right then I turned around and saw the door behind me opening, and then I see this face that was indescribable, but it had no eyes! Then it came closer and I heard it whispering something I could not understand and this face changed and became gruesome and with an expression of terror I will never forget. I ran with everything I could and I tripped over something on the floor and I hit the edge of my study table and I fell unconscious. It seems she must have thought I was dead because thanks to that I survived. Never again in my life will I play with the supernatural and I’ll never underestimate its power…”


  • This is probably real. For the people saying “I did this last night and it didn’t work it’s fake (11:35pm) BLOWW!” Well, they specifically said to do it at midnight DUH.

  • The Blind Maiden can’t find me. She’d have to go through a whole walk to the lobby of our condo, have witnesses (unit owners and guards), go through a long wait to get to the 36th floor, then walk to my unit (which is ALWAYS securely locked) xD

  • Yep, I’m a scaredy cat.

    SFK: I dare everyone to do this!
    Me: -Pee’s Self-
    I’m thinking of a fake usernames. If you have these usernames, my apologies.

    XxXScaredAndSadXxX: Yeah right. All of y’all leave! I’ll call you at 12:30.
    Rainbows&Knifes: But what if it’s true and you die?
    ILikeMuffins: Yeah. You dunno what would happen!
    XxXScaredAndSadXxX: Oh please! It’s nothing but a legend. Hurry up. GO!
    xXxLovelyAndBeautifulxXx: Okay. Love you Scared! -Kisses Scared-
    XxXScaredAndSadXxX: -Blushes- Love you too bae.
    Me: Oh thank goodness! I need a new pair of pants!
    -Everyone Leaves-
    XxXScaredAndSadXxX: Whoooo. Here we go. -Looks at watch- Just an hour. I’ll prepare by turning off the lights. -Turns off lights-
    -One hour later-
    XxXScaredAndSad: -Takes deap breath- Hooo. Here we go! I’m am terrified! -Slaps self- No! Uhm- Excuse me Rachel? Can you change my username to XxXNotScaredXxX?
    Me: Uhm- sure….
    XxXNotScaredXxX: Much better! Anyway… here we go! Better hurry. -Gets in website- OMFG THATS TERRIFYING!!!!! HELL NAH! I WON’T- I have to be strong for my baby, xXxLovelyAndBeautfiulxXx! -Clicks Accept-
    -Looks out window-
    XxXNotScaredXxX: OMG Who the Hell is that? Uhm- hope she likes peanuts cause that’s all I got!
    -Everyone comes back-
    Me, SFK, ILikeMuffins, Rainbows&Knifes, and xXxLovely&Beautiful, also everyone else I forgot-: OMG WHAT THE- HOLY CRAP!!!
    XxXNotScaredXxX and the woman are making out on the couch. There’s a bag of peanut shells on the floor. The whole crew gets a good look at the woman’s shirt. It read: PEANUTS = MY LOVE A few months later everyone except for xXxLovelyAndBeautifulxXx, (because she’s still crying into a tub of chocolate ice cream) is at their wedding. They all are happy and the new bride says that everyone that was at her wedding shall find their new love quickly. (This part is supposed to just be funny. I’m sorry if I offend you, SFK.) I was at SFK’s house when all of a sudden he asked, “Ya know how the woman said that we would find love quickly?” I nodded. He said, “Well. I mean, that was fast.” I replied with, “OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU LOVE ME OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!” We were married the next month.

    (Of course this is all meant for comedy purposes and if it does indeed offend you, I’m very sorry.)

  • I am WAY to afraid to do it… that’s SO scary, I’m seriously freaking out right now

  • It linked back to to a website for a furniture store,
    plus there is no way that ‘internet rituals’ such as this one
    can exist, purely fanatical thinking.

  • Oi.
    I tried the website now cause i was scared at night(its 3:24pm)(XD)
    It says not found, but shows more htmls abt some scary things and urban legends in related scearches….
    So it might be what sfk says it to be…

  • Plus pictures of screaming kids with no eyes should be warning sign that something spoopy’s going on.

  • omg there was an ad at the bottom of the story and it was black but then there was this lady who appeared out of nowhere in a white dress and she was twirling around. I think it was for perfume but after reading this is totally freaked me out because I thought it was gonna be a jumpscare.

  • No sarcasm in the last comment.
    I was literally trembling while reading..
    The worst thing is i m alone with all lights off………

  • Maybe this is only possible in Spain.
    I mean if you live in Alaska in a middle of nowhere I really think that this killer/psycho/supernaturalthingy
    Wont kill you (if you pressed accept)
    But maybe the killer lives somewhere in Spain and this is the way he hunts.

  • I am gonna try this..today night….Finally something which sounds real…if its not real then too i am gonna enjoy

  • I did a search, I am one of the type of people who do stupid things to test there truth. So, I’m in class and am now NOT impressed. It came up all right, but it’s a site this from what I can tell.

  • It wouldn’t work all that came up was a story like this one but the other one was in frist person.

  • dis is all crap….u r liers…..its 12 midngt..dere is no such website..i m so mch dissapointed..nver waste ur tym on dis n anyone if u knw how u experince ghost pls share with all here…

  • Hey, who’s brave enough to do this? I think no one will. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be alive if you do this. I won’t. This SFK is enough to scare the daylights out of me. And lesson, never play with the supernatural. It’ll bring you DOOM. Trust me.

  • Clicking accept would be stupid. Don’t play the supernatural guys. It’s not a game,it’s not a toy,and if you consider it to be,it will be the last thing you play with.

  • This is pure crap. :) How would they know if it is midnight and we’re sitting here alone? And like I said, this is a load of BS.

  • The website exists. However, most of you don’t wait until midnight since of the story. I say, somebody should film themselves actually doing the “Blind Maiden Challenge” I’m not doing it, just so you guys know. I know there are some skeptics out there (I’m not one of them) But if they think this is fake. Prove us wrong. I’d really like to know if this is fake or not. Cause, honestly, this scares the living shiz out of me.

  • @ ScaryStoryDude
    What if it’s a different ending in Spain instead of .com? And what if blind maiden is in Spanish? What if the site adress is just random characters completely unrelated to the site name? What if it’s just a story? What if you can only get to it in Spain? What if the site was taken down?
    Questions we may never know the answer to.

  • War is that kind of thing doing in the Internet if people die wit out a trace… It should be inspected by the gov but their too busy rite now…

  • i thought that a scary pop out would come out and that is very scary in fact one of the scariest stories i’ve read

  • it is supposed to be called blindmaiden.com but i think it was removed because it doesn’t exist. actually the domain “blindmaiden.co” is for sale at the moment

  • I’d be scared s***less if I watched her come up to my house, especially since my house is small and it wouldn’t take her long to find me. FML XD.
    I like the picture, maybe because it looks like Blind Mag from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

  • Cristie,my friend tried going on the website but she couldn’t. It was day time and I was there I told her to do what it says to get into the website and she did but she told me to press the button decline cause she was scared to.I did but those images will never get out of our heads!

  • Creepy.
    I feel extremely curious and would like to try, but I wouldn’t dare knowing that those are the consequences.

    Who said anything about it being .com ? Or, even, blindmaiden.com ?

  • i would never click accept because that would be stupid, but i really want to go on the website. creepy legend:)

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