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Bad Dream

Bad Dream is a creepy little short story about a little girl who has a nightmare.

Bad Dream

A little girl opened the door to her parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night.

“Daddy, I had a bad dream”, she said.

Her father blinked his eyes and sat up in bed, leaning on his elbows. The digital alarm clock glowed red in the darkness. It was 3:33 AM.

“Do you want to climb into bed and tell me about it?” he asked.

“No, Daddy,” came the reply.

The oddness of the situation made him wake up more fully. He could barely make out his daughter’s pale form, outlined in the light from the doorway.

“Why not, Sweetie?” he asked.

The little girl began to cry. “Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing Mommy’s skin sat up,” she whined.

For a moment, he felt paralyzed, unable to take his eyes off his daughter. Then he felt the covers behind him slowly beginning to shift…


  • I think that she was accidentally telling the dad about her dream because she said what had happened in it. Remember when she said the thing in mommy’s skin stood up, well that happened in the dream right? So that would explain the shifting🤷‍♀️👨‍👧

  • I think that she was accidentally telling the dad about her dream because she said what had happened in it. Remember when she said the thing in mommy’s sling stood up, well that happened in the dream right? So that would explain the shifting🤷‍♀️

  • First thing is that the daddy has spectacles or else he has eye defect that is why everything is blur for him.

    Second thing i think the the covers behind him that means he is not the real daddy he is wearing the skin.

    Third thing it may be possible that the mom was just shifting while sleeping.


  • Guys, do you know about ACTIVE DREAM?

    active dream is a type of dream in which you can understand that you are dreaming…but it happens…TRY DREAMING AN ACTIVE DREAM!!!! :) :)

  • Ok, I get the story, but it just doesn’t seem scary. Dreams can happen in real life, it’s not impossible

  • my step brother told me bout this girl he knew who had a dream where her boyfriend cheated on her. later she found that he was and with the same girl that was in her dream.

  • Seriously?… I Think Her Mommy Was Just Moving Around… This Is Just Bad Timing In A Scary Situation.
    Yeah, I Don’t Like This One :p

  • i had the same monster in my dreams almost every night when i was litle. one time he was even in a tux lol

  • Woow… I’m not scared by most of these stupid stories but they are very cool and instresting :)

  • Well, today I ‘ve read so many stories on this site that I’m realy scared. I tried to make a good ending for this one.

    The covers start shifting, and mother sat up on the bed. ” Dear, it was only a bad dream,-she said-Let me kiss you.” And kind mother kissed her daughter gently.

  • Ok every one, when u have a dream and it comes true, like wetting your pants in ur dream and it happens the next day, thats called a deh ja vu. If you get ALOT of them, then you must be psychic like me as we can tell part of the future.

  • @chibimaru15000 ok, so, the kid went into the parants room and told her dad she had a nightmare when her dad aaked if she wanted to get in his bed, she said no because “when she told him the monster that looked or took over mummys body, sat up” so she didnt want to get in bed with him because her mum was a monster and after she told him that, her mum sat up. Got it?

  • i had a nightmare where it was dark, BLACK, and i felt something behind me, when i looked back, i saw death, i tried to run but he was to fast when his finger touched me, i woke up,

  • ok so when she told her dad that he felt the covers shifting THATS THE THING THE LIL GIRL WAS TALKING BOUT! ok?

  • i had this dream once where i went to a beautiful island and this girl stared at me the whole time- when i was sleeping, eating, etc. exactly 6 months later my mum and i went to tangalooma island resort and saw that exact same girl, i saw her every day, she got on and off the ferry with us, she lived next to us. how freaky ayee?

  • once i had a dream. i dreamt that the next day i will pee my pants. …AND IT HAPPENED.
    LAWLZ!! XP

  • Kayy, In the dream, the little girl has a bad dream and gets up to tell her dad, so in her dream, the little girl tells her dad about her bad dream IN the dream, but when she tells her dad, the thing wearing her moms skin sits up, she then wakes up in real life and tells her dad the same story that she has a bad dream, her dad lets her tell him what happened, but the little girl doesnt want up to because the thing with her moms skin sat up when she told her dad in her dream, she then accidently tells her dad that the thing with her moms skin sat up in her dream, the covers the thing with her moms skin is about to sit what happened in her dreammm! Get it nowwww?

  • So, basically the girl has a dream that when she tells her father about her dream, the thing behind the father sits up. The thing is not the girl’s mother, that’s why she says it is wearing her skin. It probably murdered the girl’s mother and was “dressed up” as her, and the girl is scared so she doesn’t want to tell her father about the dream ( but she tells it to him without realizing). The father takes it all in, and the covers behind hime start moving. Nobody knows what happens next which is why it is so scary. You decide what happens. So do u all understand now? :) hope u get what i mean.. :))

  • wat happened was that,the girl had a dream where she was telling her dad about a dream and then something that wasnt her mother sat up.its like wat she dreamed is comig true…

  • Is this story an Urban Legend, or does it have an actual author?

    If so, who is the author of this story?

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