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Red Door Yellow Door

Red Door Yellow Door

Red Door, Yellow Door is a scary paranormal game to play at sleepovers. This ritual is also known as “Black Door, White Door” or “Doors of the Mind”. One person acts as a guide, puts you into a trance and leads you through doors and rooms in your mind.

Red Door Yellow Door

To play this game you need at least 2 people. One is the guide and the other is the subject. Other people can sit quietly and watch.

Step 1: The guide sits down on the floor, cross-legged with a pillow on their lap. You lie on the ground with your head on the pillow and close your eyes.

Step 2: Raise your hands in the air and try to relax. Your eyes must be kept closed throughout this game.

Step 3: The guide starts to massage your temples with their fingers in a circular motion while chanting “Red door, yellow door, any other color door” over and over. If there are other people in the room watching, they should chant too.

Step 4: When you feel yourself slipping into a trance and you can see a room or doors in front of you, lower your arms. This is the signal for the chanting to stop and the game will begin.

Step 5: The guide asks you questions, getting you to describe your surroundings and prompting you to open doors. Whenever the guide asks you a question, you should answer it.

Here are some examples of the type of questions the guide should ask:

“Are you in a room?”
“Describe this room.”
“What color are the doors?”
“How do you feel about the purple door?”
“Open the purple door and go through.”

Some advice:

1: If you encounter people in the rooms, it may be wise to not interact with them. Usually, they turn out to be evil or try to trick you.

2: If you find yourself in a room full of clocks, leave immediately. Clocks can trap you.

3: You can go wherever you want, but it is better to go up than to go down.

4: Light things and light colors tend to be better than dark things and dark colors.

5: If you become trapped in a room, you have to try and wake up or you will be trapped in the trance forever.

6: They say that if you die in the game, you could also die in real life.

7: If you encounter a man in a suit who makes you feel uneasy, you should end the game immediately.

8: In an emergency, if you are unable to wake up, it may be necessary for the guide to shake you roughly until you awaken.

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  • Last year my friend taught me and a couple of other friends how to be guides, and we started a trend within our year. Everyone was playing it and everyone really loved it. Quite often there’d be people who saw this girl who looked like our old music teacher except with a lack of eyes and face, it was really unusual. One girl encountered this music teacher demon thing who turned into a mermaid and did the worm. It was really entertaining, but I’m disappointed because it never works on me… -.- My other friends also had some really weird experiences in this game; A desk with a coffin under in which contained the player, and all sorts of freaky things. I really want to play it on more people to see everything that could happen ^_^

  • I have played this millions of times. It actually helps deal with problems.

  • Is the man in the suit wearing a yellow suit.

    Excuse my Tuck Everlasting reference

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