White Eyes

White Eyes is a scary campfire story about a group of miners who were trapped underground.

White Eyes

Have you heard the story of the white eyes? It’s a tale that some say is too terrible to tell, but pull your seat closer to the campfire and I will reveal the terrifying legend.

The San Bernardino Mountains contain a lot of wilderness regions which saw substantial activity about 100 years ago. Here, miners and loggers worked to bring materials down to the Los Angeles basin. But, like most industries of that time, there was a high profit motive, and workers lives were not as important as they were now.

One day, a mine tunnel collapsed, trapping a number of men within. They were able to survive, after a fashion, by drinking water which seeped into the tunnels, eating rats, mushrooms, and their dead co-workers. They worked from within to dig themselves out, confident that on the other side, others were digging from the outside in. But the mining company was not known for remembering missing miners.

Well, it took them a while, but they finally managed to dig themselves out. Then, the formerly trapped miners found two surprises. First, since they had lived in darkness for a long period of time, they could no longer stand the sunlight, and their eyes were pure white – no color except for their pupils, which were dilated. Second, the mining company had not bothered to try and dig them out.

They then made a pact, these men, to take revenge on those who had abandoned them.

Police called to the mine found the owner and all the managers of the mining company dead. Soon after, the mining company went out of business: No one was willing to work in those mountains, and even groups of men at night were at risk. Rumor had it that the White-Eyes were out for blood.

Mysterious instances of men being killed in the mountains occurred. These men were usually found mauled, bloody and torn. Close examination showed teeth marks all over the bodies. One man was even beated by his arm which had been torn off at the shoulder.

Now, since this happened about 100 years ago, and since only men were working in the mines, there should be no more White-Eyes around. So, we’re safe – or are we? Several years ago, a hiker was found mauled to death on the trail, and the coroner said the teeth marks he found on the body looked human…


  1. ArthurKirkland says

    That pic is from a show on syfy called Fact Or fake: Paranormal files :P it was one of the cases!!!!

  2. lizett says

    That is really mean that they weren’t even looking for them and how was it that they didn’t knew that they were missing.

  3. superkid says

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard in the news that this man was seen in a forest!!! damn.

  4. I love comedy says

    This isn’t actually the real story, btw it looks like a camera flash has gotten into the creatures eyes. This actually TRUE! Some hikers were recording sometin in the woods, and they saw something exactly LIKE THAT PICTURE!!!! It was put on the news. After that they ran like wind! SO NO SFK, ITS MOSTLY LIKELY NOT THE MINES STORY. BTW sfk, that same exact pic up in “White Eyes” IS THE FLASH. I MEAN LIKE DUHHHHHH

  5. Nini Noggin Head says

    ScayMoo it made me think of “The Descent” too. Great story. That picture really creeps me out.

  6. ScaryMoo says

    …All I can think of is the movie ‘The Descent’… awesome movie and awesome story :)

  7. pinkKaygana says

    these guys are pure EVIL!! sheeesh, they killed their enemies, so why kill people who mine?? they’re supposed to HELP the miners, and KILL the guys who ABONDONE the MIINERS!! its the white eye peeps that ought to be punched in the face by their own arms controlled by kutithekiller’s very mean bears with personal issues!!!

  8. kutiethekiller says

    Maybe a very mean bear with personal issues will tear off your arm and beat you with>=(

  9. MixSuGN0iz says

    Hahah if that was the case then they should of turned into Wendigos. Cause that seems like a perfect scenario for that kind of story. Also I’m sure they would of ate the people they found not leave them lying around. Even though the one where they beat up a guy with their own arm was truly funny XD.

  10. pauliej says

    That story is so freaky. Although it seems the latest one was probably som kind of animal… still Scary!!

  11. elise says

    it would take thousands of years for a species to evolves wacky eyes like that but it’s still cool

  12. kutiethekiller says

    not that scary it was probably just a bear or other animal with jacked-up teeth!!!

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