What’s Wrong

What’s wrong with this picture? See if you can figure it out. Stare at the photo for 30 seconds to let your eyes adjust to it. When you see it, you will be shocked. When your eyes make out what is hidden in the picture, what you see will be really scary and creepy.


  1. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Aww. I wanted to that video, but the thing won’t “pop up” so I cont watch it. Play on words right? haha. Never mind I’ve never been good at jokes… :,(

  2. demongirl666 says

    i was looking at the comments and i guess it was play i heard a scream and i looked up and a face

  3. Popcorn Buddy says

    OMG! i got so scared bcuz i was like theres nothing wrong then i totally freaked out and accidentily pushed my friend to the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. furrykinz2234 says

    lol i jumped when i saw it…it rlly wasnt scary i just wasnt expecting it to pop up bcuz i was staring at it and didnt realize…XD

  5. smileyface84 says

    Haha, I showed it to my mom, she didn’t know what to expect but when the face popped up she screamed and I laughed, that was funny.

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