Tic Tac Toe

Play the scary tic tac toe pop up game free online. This is a scary prank you can use to shock your friends and watch their reaction when the horrific face makes them jump.


  1. Crystal says

    Can anyone please tell me what happened while you were playing the game? I’m too scared to try it, even with my computer speakers on mute.
    So, I’ll not try it until someone tells me what is the scary thing in the game ’cause the comments all say it’s scary as hell.

  2. Cazzy says

    I chickened out, and put it on mute. It was still a bit scary, because it was like vibrating or something, so still made me jump. I REALLY want to try this out on my friends, but they’ll probably kill me.

  3. Jeb says

    I wasn’t expecting it too scream, and I was hoping to finish the game. I feel like it cheated :(
    and bratzgirl2233- it’s a weird screaming zombie thing.

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