Thump Thump

Thump Thump Drag is a horror tale about a girl who is babysitting two young boys when they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Thump Thump

One night, a 16 year old girl was babysitting for two young boys. Their parents weren’t due to come home until very late, so she let them stay up and watch some TV.

One of the boys was flipping channels when he came to an emergency news bulletin. The reporter said that a crazed murderer had escaped from a nearby insane asylum and was on the run from the local authorities. He was believed to be in the area and was armed with a hatchet. The police cautioned residents to lock their doors and windows because the man was extremely dangerous.

The young boys began to panic and the babysitter didn’t want them to get upset, so she put them to bed early. As she tucked them in, they kept asking her if she had locked all the doors and windows. She assured them that she would lock everything. Then she went back downstairs and resumed watching television.

Some time later, one of the boys was awoken by a loud crash. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, so he sat up in bed and listened intently. After a while, he began to hear weird sounds coming from downstairs.

Drag. Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag.

He wondered if he was just letting his imagination run away with him. Maybe it was just the sound of the babysitter watching television downstairs.

Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag.

The boy heard the sound again and woke his brother. Together, they listened at the door to the bedroom.

Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag.

The boys began to shake with fear. Terrified, they pushed their beds up against the door and barricaded themselves inside their bedroom.

Thump thump drag. Thump thump drag. Thump thump.

The sounds eventually stopped, but the boys were too afraid to leave the safety of their bedroom. For hours, they cowered in their bedroom, with their beds jammed securely against the door.

Later that night, when the boys’ parents returned, they were shocked to find a gruesome scene. There was a trail of blood leading from the hallway all the way up the stairs. In a panic, the mother screamed out her son’s names. When the two boys heard their mother calling, they pulled back their beds and opened their bedroom door.

Lying at the top of the stairs, in a pool of her own blood, was their babysitter. Her arms had been cut off at the elbows and her legs had been cut off at the knees. She had used her bloody stumps to drag herself up the stairs, trying to warn them.

Now, that’s one dedicated babysitter!


  1. crazyjane says

    Poor babysitter.. Btw how could the murderer managed to broke down if the doors and windows were locked? Magic?!

  2. SweetBlood says

    *crying like a baby* WAWAWAWAWA TOO SCARY!!!!!!!!! IM ONLY ELEVEN…….. :(:(:(:(:(:(:( :(

  3. fallenangel129 says

    Awww that’s just sad. Don’t you people who think its scary have a heart?

  4. stephaniejade97 says

    Thars not scary, just really sad, she tried so hard to war them but they locked her out! They could have rung the ambulance if they knew!

  5. Psycho chick819 says

    Aw! *sniff* What a sweet babysitter. She used the last part of her life to try to warn the kids. If it were me, I would have ran like my life depended on it(which it would actually) as soon as I saw the killer and let the boys fend for themselves.

  6. xChicken nuggetsx says

    ;__; This is stupid! Why didn’t she locked everything? Are the two young boys still alive?

  7. Paperdoll0025 says

    Good thing though they did barricade out of their bed, because if the boys checked whats going on outside, they might freak out and the killer will hear them and will get them and kill them.. Such a nice story, it frightened me though =)

  8. XD thrillers XD says

    Hey everyone I’m new here! I think this story is a good 1 x I hope there is more like this 1 xoxoxox

  9. Jeb says

    Did the baby sitter die? I know that sounds like a stupid question, considering she was missing all four appendages, but if she managed to crawl up the stairs, a feat which would most likely have taken too much time for her to accomplish before bleeding to death, than this could be one of those 1 in a million cases where they survive such a horrific injury. unlikely, near impossible, but still slightly possible.

  10. silverlightning97 says

    aww! poor babysitter she reminded me of my friend, a friend who would keep the wolves from the door….

  11. iggmeister says

    i like it… but holy crud! if i was babysittting and dude cut off my arms and legs i really dont think warn the boys would be on my mind. id be thinking holy frack im gonna die here… but i guess im kinda selfish that way…. those poor boys… that poor babysitter!… whered the psycho go!?

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