Shark Movies

List of the top 15 Shark Movies available on DVD. Obviously, Jaws takes the top 4 since even though they got progressively worse, they’re still the best ones ever – even the terrible Michael Caine one. Remember that classic scene from Jaws 1 when Roy Scheider says “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

Shark Movies Shark Movies Shark Movies
The best Shark Movie EVER. Spielberg, Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and some crazy drunk. 
JAWS is back and this time he’s after Roy Scheider’s hippy kids.
This time Roy Scheider is missing and JAWS goes after Dennis Quaid.
JAWS 4 The Revenge
JAWS goes after Roy Scheider’s wife. Best bit: Michael Caine’s helicopter gets eaten.
Deep Blue Sea
Renny Harlin’s CGI sharkfest.
Open Water
Low budget and mostly just two people treading water.
Shark Attack
There’s blood in the water.
Shark Attack 2
Cool DVD cover – bad acting.
Shark Attack 3 Megalodon
Best bit: A man on a jetski gets eaten whole.
12 Days of Terror
This is a docudrama about the real case that inspired Peter Benchley to write JAWS.
Red Water
Ah, who cares? There’s some swimmers and they get themselves eaten. Probably.
Hammerhead Shark Frenzy
Scraping the bottom of the barrel/sea here.
The Deep
Jaqueline Bissett, nick Nolte, treasure hunting, scuba diving and a shark.
Mission of the Shark
Great true story about a US Navy ship sinking and survivors getting picked off one by one by sharks.
Shark Hunter
In stark contrast to JAWS, in this one, the guy actually has a grudge against the shark. It ate his daddy.

Some shark movies that didn’t make the list:

Blue Water, White Death (1971)
Blue Demon (2004)
Raging Sharks (2005)
Shark Zone (2003)
Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (2004)
Cyclone (1977)
Shark! (1969)
Spring Break Shark Attack (2005)

And some other Killer Fish movies worth checking out:

Orca The Killer Whale
Piranha (1978)
Piranha 2: The Spawning (1981)


  1. beachgirl says

    jaws was my fav movie when i was like 4. sharks were my fav animal for sooo long, i only have stopped likein them for a year now. i mean, i still like them but just not CRAZY 4 them. i wanna ride one!

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