Scary Flash Taken

This scary flash animation is called Taken and it was created by Biteycastle for Halloween. The short movie is amazing quality and looks very professional. It has a shock ending that is guaranteed to give you a big surprise. Show it to your friends if you want to trick them and make them scream out loud.


  1. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the video once on mute volume. Then I watched it again WITH volume. I was so close to screaming! you people have me traumatized! *shuddering* *shivering*

  2. screamoutloud says

    when i read the comment i even scared to press the button…. please can you tell me what happen in that things????? :S i no lying i too scared to click it when reading comment!!!!!!

  3. dragongirl says

    OWWWWWW I HIT MY ARM SO HARD AND CHOKED ON MY COFFEE!! LOL yes i’m 12 and i drink coffee

  4. lucy500 says

    i dont get it it was just a ware wolf there so not scary or real ware wolf storys so not scary that was so 1698 or whatever when people started to tell ware wolfs storys

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