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Red Book

Red Book is a paranormal game from Mexico where you use a book to contact a spirit who will answer questions and divine the future. It is also known as “El juego del libro rojo” or “The game of red book”.

Red Book

To play the game, you need a hardcover red book without pictures and at least one red candle to light the room. The game can only be played with 2 or more people.

Step 1: Place the palm of your hand on the cover of the book, close your eyes and say aloud, “Red Book, can I enter your game?”

Step 2: Keeping your eyes closed, open the book to a random page and point to a sentance. That should be the answer to your question. You will have to interpret it.

Step 3: If the answer is positive, you can play the game. If the answer is negative or does not make sense, the question may have been poorly worded or contact with the spirit was not established. In this case, you need to try again.

Step 4: Everyone can take turns asking questions and the spirit will answer them through the book.

Step 5: To end the game, you should ask, “Red Book, can I leave your game?” You cannot end the game until all players have permission to leave.

Now that you know how to play, I will tell you about my experience.

There were four of us – Santiago, Sebastian, Camilo and myself. We were gathered in my house when we decided to play this game. I went first.

Maybe it was because I was the bravest, or perhaps it was because I was the most foolhardy… Who knows? The point is that I was the first to pick up the book, close my eyes and say, “Red Book, can I enter your game?”

I opened a page at random and put my finger on. The answer was something completely devoid of meaning, so I gave the book to Santiago, who repeated my actions. He placed his finger on a blank page, so he handed the book to Camilo.

We continued for several turns without obtaining a proper answer, until finally, something happened. It was Camilo’s turn, so he said, “Red Book, can I enter your game?”

The sentance he pointed to was: “I will grant you an opportunity…”

Finally one of us had managed to enter the game. Camilo also got a positive response, so it was my turn. I closed my eyes and concentrated as much as I could. “Red Book, can I enter your game?” I asked. The answer I got left me baffled.

“One who perseveres will reach his goal.”

Of course, I interpreted this as being a positive response. I wanted to enter the game because I was dying to ask a question, but would have to wait my turn.

I passed the book to Santiago, but he did not get a proper response to his question. Camilo took the book. He thought for a while and finally asked, “Red Book, is there any ghost in this house?”

He opened the book and got his anwser:

“Man is always looking for answers to the unknown.”

This response left us astonished, but it was Sebastian’s turn next. He got permission to enter the game. I was so excited that it was finally my turn… I did not know how much I would regret asking, “Red Book, will I be safe tonight?”

This is the answer I received:

“Two men appeared and their dreams turned to nightmares.”

The candles I had arranged on the table flickered ominously, but they didn’t go out. I looked at my friends and they could not stop laughing at the frightened expression on my face.

“I think tonight I’m going to have to sleep with my mother,” joked Camilo nervously.

I passed the book to Santiago. He asked if he could enter the game and got this response:

“Go away! No more!”

This time we all looked at each other in surprise. It seemed like more than a coincidence. Camilo was the next one to ask a question. “Red Book, will anything happen when I leave?”

The answer was:

“His mother, who loved him so much, never laid eyes on him again.”

The atmosphere became tense, a cold sweat ran down my face and for the first time, I was afraid.

“Hey Camilo… Do you think that this relates to your comment about sleeping with your mother tonight…?” asked Santiago.

“Shut up!” Camilo growled. We could hear the fear in his voice.

“This is giving me the creeps,” said Sebastian, as he looked around furtively. “Maybe we should quit playing now…”

“Not yet!” replied Camilo. “We have to exit the game properly.”

Sebastian took the book and asked, “Red Book, can I leave your game?”

He followed all the steps and read the answer:

“Only two may leave.”

He was out.

It was my turn next. I placed my hand on the book and asked, “Red Book, can I leave your game?”

“You’re free to do as you please, without receiving any punishment.”

I smiled. That was the answer I was looking for. I was out too.

Because the book never allowed him to enter the game, Santiago did not need to ask permission to exit. That left Camilo. His hands were shaking as he picked up the book, closed his eyes and asked, “Red Book, can I leave your game?”

He opened the book, pointed and read the answer.

“For eternity.”

Camilo’s eyes grew wide. He repeated the question again, his voice trembling with fear. The response was:

“From the darkness it comes, stalking relentlessly.”

Sebastian and I laughed nervously. It wasn’t funny. We were just trying to hide our fear.

Camilo glared at us angrily. We stayed silent. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and anxiously asked if he could leave the game. This is the answer he received:

“Nothing can save you now.”

Suddenly, the candles flickered and went out. We were plunged into darkness. Terrified, we all scrambled to our feet, ran out the door and left the house.

Camilo didn’t stop when he got outside. He just kept running. We yelled at him to stop, but he didn’t seem to hear us. I asked Sebastian and James to follow him and make sure he was OK. I was so spooked that I had to wait for my mother to arrive home before I could go back into the house.

That evening, I received a call from Santiago. He told me Camilo was missing. He had never made it home. Somewhere along the way, he disappeared. We tried to call him, but his mobile was turned off.

We never saw Camilo again. The police were notified and a big search was organized, but no trace of him was never found. To this day, nobody knows what happened to him. He just vanished. His parents are still searching for him, but at this point, most of us have given up hope.

Every night, before I fall asleep, one phrase keeps echoing in my head…

“Two men came and their dreams turned to nightmares.”


  • The only red hardcover book in my ENTIRE library is in Russian ;_;
    I have over five hundred books… Most of them are childrens books XD

  • OMFG, I am so going to try out this game. Just finding the hard cover book is the hard part. Does a red hard cover dictionary work?

  • Omg this game seems so fun and I would love to play it with my friend and sister I hope this works…. someone pls reply if this works or if this is is just a waste of time


    1) They chose a “Famous Five” book which had red hardcover.
    2) My friend went first and it was a “Why, of course you can!”. Now she was in the game.
    3) Her older brother went after her and got a “Fine”.
    4) My friend asked “Red Book, is there a ghost in this house?” and the reply was “I have never seen such huge white ones!”. She was creeped out and decided not to ask that question again.
    5) The game continued like this and the time came when they felt like ending the game.
    6) My friend asked, “Red Book, can I leave the game?” and the reply was a negative one.
    7) Her older brother asked the same question and got a negative answer.
    8) This continued for a long time and they were starting to get scared that they will never be able to leave the game.
    9) Finally, it my friend’s turn again and she added some ‘begging stuff’ to the question “Red Book, can I please please leave the game now?” and the reply came “Get out of here!”. She went out of the room, sighing in relief. She started watching her brother from outside the room.
    10) Her older brother was not getting a positive answer and it went on and on. At last he asked again “Red Book, please please allow me to leave the game!” and the reply was “You may go now…”. Her brother immediately closed the book and got out of the room, switching on the lights.

  • I have tried this, my experience was awesome some negative and positive responses..all came true. The story was AWESOME especially the last paragraph. BUT… In the 4th last paragraph there is a name “JAMES” who is it? The author never mentions anybody called james!!!!!!!

  • Guys.. This IS real. Just now my mom said that next week we will go to Melbourne.. I’m not joking…😢

  • When I entered the game I asked, will I ever go to Melbourne and it said “of course!”.😁 yeay!

  • DO NOT TRY THIS!! Being me and thinking this was a joke, I decided to try this without asking permission to enter. The sentence I got was “You do not belong here!” So I was like “lol nope” and closed the book and walked away. Later my fish died (crazy fish lady award goes to..). This could’ve all just been a coincidence but it was still really scary. And I had named the fish my mom’s horoscope thingy so you could say I slept with my mom that night just to make sure…

  • oh my god this was too good Im shaking now

  • *jaw drops open* That. Was. AWESOMELY EPIC! I really love the end. It makes sense in a creepy way. 10 outta 10!

  • I love the game I am soo gonna play the game if I get to have a sleep over but I hope it will work and I hope I get to leaves the game

  • I tried this game with a red book but without candles. When I entered the game I asked ‘what will we have for dinner?’ and the answer was ‘Now that’s what I call a fish’ then I asked my mother the same question & she answered ‘fried fish”

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